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Monday's Air


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Hi Guys!

So sorry I'm been MIA on here. I've been around and reading--just completely absorbed in my job duties, planning for HOPE Summit in just 2 months and in person support group is in full swing. Also, unfortunately a lot of not so great news with some people I support, which keeps me busy with them.

I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone well and encourage you guys to keep posting! You're doing a great job!

Also, remember that HOPE Summit registration is in full swing. I encourage you guys to register to come- it's an amazing event and we do offer a limited number of travel grants.

Hows the weather were you are? What's new with you?



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Hi everyone and Happy Monday :)

Sounds like your a busy bee Katie! But then, you always are :)

Weather here is still cold. We have a high temp today of 25 degrees. Still lot's of snow on the ground that I wish would melt away but at least there is no wind. I hear we have a bit of snow coming tomorrow but no where near what we had a few days ago.

Spent the morning battling with the home owners insurance company. They doubled the premiums from last year and we didn't have any claims. They said it's because of the wood stove we have out in the shop but he's had that stove for 15 yrs. We figure we'll just pull the darn thing out for now and find another insurance company.

Sampson is loving the snow we have. He runs all over the yard and keeps sticking his nose into it. I suppose he wants to smell out "just the right spot" to pee :)

Well, I hope everyone is having a good day :)

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Happy Monday, although technically it's Tuesday here in the UK - almost 1am.

I really like the idea of building a family through this topic and so thought I'd give posting a go. Have missed quite a few though. Was there ever any news on the elderly neighbour with no family who had been admitted to hospital? The story really touched me and encouraged me to make more of an effort to get to know my heavily pregnant neighbour. I'm so happy that I did as she now has a beautiful new born baby boy. No matter what's going on in your own life, there's nothing quite like a new baby to help you stop, reflect and smile.

My 9yr old boy was back at school today after half term and so was glad of the peace and quiet and getting back to a normal routine. I love him so much, but he can certainly be a handful!

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Good evening everyone. Sorry that I haven't posted sooner but been pretty busy. First of all Clare to answer your question about my neighbor Robert. I was really upset all week, my neighbor and myself were trying to get information on him but could find nothing. I even went to the obituaries. Saturday one of my neighbors met up with a lady who was looking for the manager. As it turned out she is Robert's niece and lives about 60 miles from here. They must have had her name at the hospital. He had been there a few years ago for knee surgery. He is in a nursing home. From what I understand he is still pretty confused or at least he was. No update sense she was here Saturday. I am thinking that maybe he had either a stroke or siezure because he was bleeding from something in his mouth like he may have bitten his tongue. I never realized until he has been gone how much I looked after him. I always watched to see if he got on the bus because he would go out everyday that the bus would run. If I didn't see him I would go listen to hear if his tv was on or ask if anyone else had seen him. Seems funny not to be doing that.

Today I met with someone from high school for lunch. She hadn't been at our reunion and we just found out recently that she lives in Anderson, just a few miles south of me. What a great experience. Nothing like sharing with someone who has many of the same memories.

I saw the plastic surgeon today and he set up surgery for me on the 5th to remove the skin cancer on my ankle and do a graft on it with skin taken from my thigh. That will put me out of action again for at least a week. Not looking forward to that but guess it can't be helped. A few plans we made for here will probably change because I usually do most of the cooking when we have an event and on the 6th we are supposed to have a chili and soup lunch. Not sure anyone will want to take over so we may have to change the date.

I hope all are staying warm and safe with all of the weather going on across the country. Michelle I am wondering if you are missing California yet. Weather here is really nice right now. We never have the extremes that most people have in other areas. Summer temps can get pretty high but with the lower humidity it never seems unbeable.

Well got to run for now it has been a long day. Will check in tomorrow sometime.

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Good afternoon everybody! I am just back from the farm and now I am settling down for an afternoon nap!

It is a springlike day here in CT. It is about 40 degrees and the farm animals were all very happy for it! We still have lots of snow, but you can see green patches poking through, I am SO ready for summer!

Yesterday my husband drove me into Brooklyn. I have a very special person there, a 5 1/2 year old named Shea. When I was first diagnosed 6 years ago, I prayed to God to let me live long enough to see grandchildren. A few months later a friend I hadn't seen in many years came back into my life and she had a baby! Shea has become my "honorary" grandchild and even though he lives in Brooklyn we try to see each other at least every other month. But, because I was so sick with the chemo, I hadn't seen him since last June. (Except for Skype, thank God for Skype!). As Shea said "it was the best day ever!"

Lillian I am glad, to hear that your neighbor is in a nursing home where he can have around the clock care. And, meeting up with old friends is fun isn't it? that is one thing I love about Facebook, new friendships with old high school friends!

Claire, I am so happy you joined us!! I hope you enjoyed your quiet time, I remember my son at 9, all quiet went out the door when he came in! (They grow up really fast though so cherish the time he is there, it gets really quiet when they move out)

Michelle, I think it is so funny how dogs love the snow so much- it seems like their bellies (among other things). Must get so cold! my dog is the same, he really hates to be outside in the summer, but if there is snow, he is right in it!

Katie - I can't wait for the Hope Summit!

Have a wonderful day everyone, I am off to my nap!


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