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Wednesday's Air

Janet B

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Ok, so this is how you can tell how out of sorts I have been feeling, I posted yesterday (Tuesday) under Monday's Air, completely believing I was on the right day. :?

I need spring time. Today it is cold and grey and VERY windy, with a nice mix of rain/sleet. Needless to say I am still in my pajamas on the couch. I AM holding my very cute guinea pig, Possum, who makes me feel better just by being cute and warm!

I am campaigning for a cockatiel now. My husband is not convinced. And, since cockatiels have a life expectancy of 30 years and I do not :wink: , I have to include him in the decision! We fostered one when we were first married and loved him, but we have had cats ever since. No more cats, I think I need a bird!

Tonight is the Lenten soup supper at church, so at some point I will have to find the energy to shower and get dressed. unlike many of you, I really dislike soup! But, the company is good and I need to force myself off this couch once in a while!

I hope you are all having good days!



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Hi everyone! Snow is still coming down and apparently it will continue for a couple more days. I too am so ready for some warm weather.

Janet...I hope you do talk your husband into a bird. That would be really nice for you. My son had one of those and he just loved her. I myself not so much since he let her leave her cage anytime she wanted and it was ME who had to clean up the bird poop all over his room. Needless to say, she didn't like me too much since I would put her back into her cage, yell at her and lock the door! LOL I had forgotten about that and now I'm having a good laugh :)

Well, we are headed out soon. Going over to Russ's Mom's house to eat. She is a great cook but she fry's a lot and uses lard. So....think I'll stick with the non fattening things.

Enjoy the day everyone!

Janet?????Today is Wednesday isn't it? LOL

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