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Thursday Air


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I haven't been around much, so I have a lot of catching up to do but thought I'd start by just dropping in this morning. I will try to catch up on the old posts so I know what is going on. I dd notice lots of good news - which is just wonderful! I've been really sick, so they moved up my scan, and I am still stable - no change. That's good news as well - whatever is going on isn't the cancer.

I am with Janet - I so want to see spring get here. For some reason this winter has just been long and dreary. And compared to the weather so many other parts of the country have had, I can't really complain too much. Our air has been really bad all winter though, and that takes a toll. I want to try to get over to the coast for a few days where the air is clearer, but I want to go when the sun is out and it seems to be scarce right now. Hopefully soon.

Since I've been holed up I've been spending even more time with our two dogs. The youngest has Lymphoma and has been doing well, but I can see signs that he is slipping now. He is the "lover" of the two - would spend all day laying with me and getting belly rubs if he could. The two dogs are not related, but we got them at the same time and they are best buddies - so it will also be hard for all of us.

Lily I have been reading about your activities and efforts to get your neighbors out and about - and I have to tell you that I think you are amazing. You remind me very much of my mother - she would not let people just sit around and was always doing whatever she could to get people involved and active, and out to enjoy life. Without folks like yourself, there are many of us who would just sit and vegetate -- I hope your neighbors appreciate you!

Have a good day everyone.

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Happy Thursday everyone!! (It IS Thursday, right? hard to keep track when being a couch potato!)

I think spring is trying it's hardest to show up today. Yesterday sleet and ice, today blue skies and in the 40's! I am so ready for nice weather! I think it will be so much easier to feel like a slug in the sunshine than in the cold dark house!

I woke up feeling well today :D and made a long grocery list and planned a day full of activity, but just doing that took all of my energy! Maybe I will vacumn a room or two and call it a day! A friend gave me the first season of Call the Midwife, a PBS series. She loves it and wants to watch the second season together (same friend I watched Downton Abbey with). The second season starts the end of March, so maybe I will watch an episode or two today.

Husband hasn't given in to the cockatiel yet, But a friend gave me a cage she had, so I am ready when he does :wink:

I hope you are all having good days! Claire, I am so glad you are joining in! Welcome!!



I must have posted this at the exact time as Diane! so, I tried to delete mine and couldn't figure out how to do anything but edit it,therefore the "oops" topic above! Diane I am SO glad your scans were stable!!! I am so happy for you that they moved them up so you could cross that worry off, it is hard to be sick and not think it is the cancer. Now just feel better!!

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Happy Thursday Everyone :) Friday is just around the corner!

Good news on the scan Diane. Scans are so stressful and having a good one is great! Keep up the good work!

Janet...getting the bird cage is the first step. Now I know your husband will agree!

It's still cold here. Had snow flurries yesterday and have more coming in today. ughhhh

I'm heading out this afternoon to get my hair colored. Looking at those grey roots always reminds me of how old I'm getting. Well, the wrinkles too but coloring my hair is cheaper than a face lift right? :lol:

Have a good day all!

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Happy Friday from the UK! That's right, 1am and the usual insomnia. A little more surprising than usual today as I've been up since 6am and feel like I haven't stopped all day!

Great to read some positive news today with lots of topics updated with positive results. Although my apologies because as yet, I'm not overly familiar with names :(

Although today was the start of a new chemo day for mum (more on that on my thread which is still on Introduce Yourself in a bit) I guess I should move it to somewhere more relevant? A mini project for next time I guess. Anyway, even though it was new chemo day, today felt like a bit more of a normal day with a friend around for coffee this morning before heading to the hospital. All followed with a trip to the ice rink with my boy after school. He's got the most bizarre skating style you ever saw, but he's determined he wants to be a hockey player so he keeps on practising. I'm tempted to get him some private skating lessons - it's just so hard to commit to being able to take him at the same time every week at the moment.

Definitely have to agree that getting the bird cage means that convincing hubby to get a cockatiel is definitely a case of when rather than if.

Got 2 friends coming for dinner tomorrow tonight. They're my two best friends, and have been for almost 20 years, but I'm a bit worried about it if I'm honest. One if them I haven't seen in 4 months and the other not since a week or two before Christmas. I definitely feel kind of disappointed with them both that they've not been there for me when my life is falling apart. When the situations were reversed and one of them lost her fiancé a few years ago, I dropped everything, even my job and my family, to be there for her. Not that I literally left my job, but I took time off to be there for her. And I guess that I'm disappointed that despite the fact she doesn't have children and works from home, I've had less than a handful of text messages, not a single phone call or visit in over 2 months.

Anyway, back onto a positive note, I've arranged to be at my mum's for 11 which means I even have time to meet another friend for breakfast in the morning so we're heading out for bacon, eggs and coffee! Cannot wait! I think this last week I realised that I was getting myself far too stressed and if I don't take care of myself, I'm not going to be in any fit state to take care of mum when she needs me the most.

So, my promise to myself is to take a few hours a week to do something for myself, be it brunch with the girls, a manicure, or even just catching up with my favourite TV Show, then everyone will be so much better off.

So, that's how I'll leave you for today, loving myself so that I have more love to give to everyone else x

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