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Much to be thankful for...


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My scan two weeks ago showed that I am better and that the nodules were shrinking.

Friday evening we were involved in a roll-over accident near KC during rush hour and the worst of it is my truck. He had no injuries, my arm was scraped and is healing nicely.

My oncologist has suspended my chemo saying 'it is not needed at this time' The review board he talks to thinks the 'mass' near and too close to my heart is actually scar tissue from the surgery (two yrs next month) and the nodules are small enough to barely be called nodules at this point. I will have another CT next month with another review to see where we are.

I have much to be thankful for.

Sometimes it takes a couple visits to understand what he is trying to say. When I first recurred, since it was in 2 lobes, he said no kind of surgery would help as it was in 2 lobes. Now, he is saying that if the upper is indeed scar tissue, and one of the nodules is essentially dead, if the other persists, it may be removed by expiration. I didn't understand the change in opinion. Has anyone else had experience or a similar event regarding this removal when surgery had not been an option? (he is so intelligent and versed in oncology, but we don't converse on the same plane most of the time) Thanks :)

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Sounds like all around good news! I definitely understand the communication gap - it often takes me two or three visits before I really grasp what the doctor is saying. Somehow I think that is probably more common than not.

I have heard of cases where surgery was initially not considered, but things changed, or more to the point became clearer, and surgery became a possibility. The fact that it may be an option here would be excellent news.

In the meantime enjoy the respite and please keep us posted as to how the next scan comes out.


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