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Wednesday's Air

Janet B

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Happy Wednesday!

Well, we haven't gotten the storm they said we were getting, they have changed the start date to tonight. I am hoping they are completely wrong, I am tired of winter!

I have just finished a batch of soup. I have said on this forum before - I really, really dislike soup! However, our church has a Wednesday night soup supper every Wednesday of Lent and my husband, so kindly, signed me up to make one of this evenings soups! I made a big batch of Carmelized Butternut Squash soup, and if I do say so myself, for soup, it is yummy! The problem I have with soup really, is that it leaves me hungry. Like, that was a nice first course, where is the rest?!

last week I made Charlie bring to McDonald's afterwords! This week I am going to try to eat something filling before I go.

The rest of the day I plan to clean out the cupboards. I like to do that at least before each major holiday. With all the kids and their friends coming home for Easter I need to make sure I am organized.

I ordered my bird cage (much cheaper on-line) and it should be here Friday - then I will go searching for the bird! I am so excited, I have spent way too much time today watching Cockatiel you tube videos!

Lillian, if you are reading this, I hope you are feeling a little better. You are in my thoughts!

Have a great day everyone!


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Well after such a nice day on Monday, we had another storm come through. Janet I agree - enough of this!!!

I love homemade soup - wish our Church would do a Lenten soup night. My problem is I love soup with lots of great sourdough or french bread and butter -- not a diet friendly option for me especially since I'm still trying to get off the darned Prednisone!

You will have to post a picture of the new family member! I was thinking a bird would be cool - and not at all the trouble another dog would be - until I realized that my shepherd would just love to have a bird in the house, if you know what I mean. So I will just be happy hearing about yours. Have the groomer here this afternoon clipping both dogs way down. Shedding is starting and while they don't look quite as pretty for awhile, it sure makes my life easier.

My husband got it into his head to remodel the laundry room - floor, paint and countertops. Problem is he starts these things and then gets busy at work -- and so there sits my washer and dryer not hooked up, floor half in, walls half painted, laundry piling up and no end in sight to the project. He says he is saving us money, but I bet he's been to Home Depot at least a dozen times. Of course I think it would be as cheap and much easier on all of us if he'd just hire someone to do it. It must be a guy thing - just because he CAN do it, does it mean he HAS to?

Lily - I hope you are feeling better and recovering quickly.

Happy Wednesday!

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