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Thursday's Air


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Hi everyone! Hope all of you are doing well! What's the weather like where you are??

Good news...LCSC will be finally getting an upgrade to our software, perhaps some new little whistles and bells too. This will help me...I spend most of my time blocking and deleting spam so that you guys don't see it. Hopefully I will be back and posting regularly again soon.

Have you registered for HOPE Summit yet? Hurry up whatcha waiting for? We still have travel grants which will be awarded in the next two weeks...space and grants are limited...register today!!! I can't wait to see/meet you in May!


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Good news on the software Katie! You need the spare time you'll get to focus on other areas I bet!

Weather here today in about 31 degrees. Cold yes, but at least we don't have that awful wind. I just hate that! This is why I cut my hair so short. I can't stand that :(

Still having issues with Sampson and his house training. He will be one year old next month and I would think it will all be done by now. I'm not sure what we are doing wrong. He isn't caged at night and he has his puppy pads in his room. BUT, she always wants to poop in the office. I got up this morning and had a mess to clean up in here. I've gotten to where I keep the carpet cleaner loaded and ready at all times. I just wish I could figure it out. I'm hoping when the weather warms up and he's able to spend more time outside it will help. He "does" potty outside but he doesn't always tell us it's time?

Russ is out in the shop today helping his son work on his truck, so after I finish with this carpet I think I'll start painting the guest room. I keep talking about it,but can't seem to start. Getting lazy in my old age I guess. LOL

Have a good day everyone!

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Good afternoon!

Katie, I am so glad you are getting new software that will, hopefully, take some of the stress off your workload! We don't see the behind the scenes activity you do, but we do notice and LOVE that the spammer activity on the boards seems to be gone. I think all that spam was scaring new folks away.

Michele, I wish I had dog training advice but it has been 12 years since I trained mine - I don't have the foggiest how I did it!

Diane, I laughed so hard at your description of your husband remodeling the laundry room - and then read it to my husband! A month into the "small-quick" bathroom redo and we still don't have a usable bathroom! He needed three items at the plumbing supply store, which for some reason he purchased in three different trips :? he promises he will finish this weekend, of course he said that last week!

Today I worked on cleaning closets. I have been having an "oh no, I can't die and leave the closets looking like this" panic attack! Of course I do this twice a year, and then I keep living - not complaining! Ha ha!

It is mid thirties and wicked windy out today, that scary sounding wind that sounds like the house is going to blow over. We are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow. I think Puxatawney Phil messed up this year.

Hope you all a having good days!


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Hi guys, must be a lot of wintertime remodeling going on.

I just finished redoing a bathroom too.Painted, new exhaust fan and duct in the attic. We got a tub refinishing kit online. It's a 4 step process with all ecofriendly products. I don't need any more chemicals in these crusty old lungs. So far it looks really good. It's an old house and would be a total to the studs redo to remove and very expensive to replace the way I'd really want it. So, We call it "keeping the theme of the old place intact". Now my knees are sore again. I can still do some of this stuff, so it's fun to look at and say to myself, That actually looks ok? Snowdrops and buttercups are blooming, daffodils are up, there's a different feel in the air even if it is still cold.

The Flyers are out scoring the Penguins, life is good.

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