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Robert Lowe

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have posted an update on my friend Robert Lowe today in facebook,I thought I would share it with here also,since some of you may not be on facebook.

To all my facebook friends who are aware of my friend Robert Lowe ,lung cancer survivor of 20 years,who was recently undergoing some serious surgery to remove cancerous tumours from his stomach and throat.This surgery was a total success,his medical team announced that all the tumours had been removed and that Robert was now cancer free.Post op,Robert was poorly,his doctors were fearing the worst,his family were called to his bedside,then against all expectations,Robert makes a remarkable recovery,so much so his doctors have named him Lasarus.Have been in touch with Roberts son last week for an update,unfortunately Robert has relasped again and is back in the Intensive Care Unit on a ventilator.I have just been on the phone to his daughter Hazel today,for an update,Hazel had some sad news to share with me,Robert who is in an induced coma at the moment,has been told that Robert despite being on dyalisis,his liver and kidneys are beginning to fail,it seems he is unlikely to regain consciousness.Hazel had returned home from Pennsylvania USA,last year when Robert was dxd with these new tumours,she left her two young children behind with her husband,sadly having been back to Scotland only a couple of days ,when she received news that her husband had just died from a blood clot in his leg,he was just 46 years old.

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Bill Culbard This is really sad Eric. We just keep praying for Robert.

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Robert Lowe,A very special Lung Cancer Survivor,

I have just received a phone call from Robert's daughter-in-law,Sarah, who passed on to me news I really did'nt want to hear,my dear friend and inspiration, Robert passed away this morning just after 10am.Robert's recent surgery to remove cancerous tumours from his stomach and throat,was completely successful,he died cancer free,his passing was due entirely to an infection he picked up post surgery,with his weakened state, his body was unable to overcome this infection.Robert celebrated surviving both SCLC and NSCLC for twenty years,which represents such an inspiration to many thousands of Lung Cancer survivors not only here in the UK,but world wide.Robert dedicated his entire survivorship as a lung cancer advocate,he was tireless in giving encouragement and support to lung cancer survivors,he co-founded the Stobhill Lung Cancer Support Group,with a lung cancer nurse Penny Downer,which remains today a successful testimony of his advocacy for lung cancer causes.Robert also set up and maintained a vibrant Stobhill Lung Cancer Survivors website,he was proud to acknowledge the many thousands of "Hits" his site attracted.Robert was also a keen advocate for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,whose aims matched Robert's in the raising of awareness of lung cancer issues.Robert recognised Lung Cancer being a Cinderella disease,despite it having a mortality rate greater than the combined total of deaths due to Breast,Prostate and Bowel Cancers,it receives only 4% of research funding and public donations.Robert also fought against the stigma that is attached to Lung Cancer by the general publics perception that lung cancer only effects long term smokers,as he would say,anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. Roberts work will continue to be an inspiration to many survivors,families,carers and friends,goodnight Robert,you did us all proud.

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I am so sorry for your loss, and the loss for the community as well. It sounds like I missed out a lot in my journey by not having known of him prior to this month. Take some solace in the thousands mourning along side you.



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Thank you so much for your kind words,they are much appreciated.I have been asked by Robert's family if I would speak at his funeral service,this I consider an honour and a priviledge,I recognise I will not only be speaking for myself,but on behalf of all Roberts friends throughout the UK, and the wider world lung cancer community.I will acknowledge the support that has been given to him by everyone here in LUNGevity.

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