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Thursday Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

OK I know its not quite Thursday here in Bonnie Scotland,its just gone 11.30pm,but by the time I finish this post it probably will be LOL.

I take Alans point about the guys being a bit more proactive in posting,I do visit daily on most occassions,usually about midnight when I am tired,so tend to not post in.

Our weather here is so changeable,we are back to Winter,snow and really cold,although we have had lots of bright sunny days too,however cold,something to do with the wind direction coming from Russia,last year in March I can remember sitting out back in my lounger reading,the weather was gloriously warm and sunny.

Janet,best wishes for finding a suitable clinical trial in Boston,love that City,probably my favourite one I visited on my voyage around the USA a couple of years ago.Love your new bird,I used to have a budgie some some years ago,I spent hours training it to speak,I so wanted it to say "Betty is a Wally",my mother-in-law is the Betty in question,we got on so well,I knew she would love the joke,however my scheme did'nt come to fruition,the budgie could say "Bettys a pretty budgie boy" in my Scottish accent.

I am still gymming and swimming and yoga-ing,I had my 6 monthly check up about four weeks ago,part of the routine I get weighed,I sat in the weighing machine chair,whilst the assistant fiddled around with the scales behind me and announced 101kgs,I asked what is that in English? 16st 2lbs,good grief,I thought, I am now 3 stones heavier than I was at my dx in 2008,this will not do.I have changed my eating habits,porridge every morning,yogurt for lunch,one main course in the evening,and so far 10lbs lost-hurray,theres nothing like success to spur you on,so hopefully this weight loss will continue,this also means cutting out my Peronies and cutting down on my Whyte and Maykays,well I cannot really give up completely on my favourite wee dram,and mans got to have some pleasures?.

Still working my front of house at Airdrie and Motherwell,last night I was in the Theatre watching the "Circus of Horrors",typically routine circus acts,guy throwing knifes at a girl tied to a rotating disc,trapeze,balancing acts on a plank set up on several cylinders,the horror bits,were a girl being sawn in half with a buzz saw,plenty of phoney blood on show to spice things up a bit,strangely a bare breasted girl assistant appeared on stage,to lent a hand with the acts,all in all it was a pretty poor show,although the audience seem to be impressed by goings on,perhaps assisted by drinks they had in the bar?.

Well as I thought,12.05am,its Thursday,I am tired its off to bed,I will read a few pages of my new book before off to sleep,its a biography of Ava Gardner,its a good read so far.Good night everyone.

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Sadly the weather is the same gear in the North East of England. More snow this morning. Am so looking forward to summer. Although spring would be a welcome interlude right now!

But, the main news today is I went ice skating. I'm still in one piece and managed to stay not quite upright, but on my skates at least! Lots of wobbling but didn't fall over. It's certainly a lot harder than I remember. I'm certainly not going to give up though! There are too few ice rinks here in the UK so I'm planning on taking full advantage of there being one just around the corner from me.

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Hi everyone! You're really brave Clare! I haven't been ice skating since I was a teenager. I think I could seriously hurt myself if I tried now. :)

It's cold and wet here today. High of 25 degrees they say and rain/snow for the next five days. I'm so tired of being stuck at home. Only time I really go out is for groceries or to the post office these days. I did notice my tulips are coming up in the yard. I can't wait till I can drag home lots of flowers to re-plant this year. Last year many died because I was scared to waste so much water. We are on well water and last year was so dry. I told Russ that this year I don't care cuz he can just order more and fill the well up, right? Geeez men....sometimes I wonder :roll:

Have any of you watched the tv show "Storage Hunters"? It's where they auction off contents of unpaid storage bins. I really like watching all the fun stuff they can get sometimes. There is an ad in the paper for one coming up here on Sunday. I really want to go see what it's like. But then, here in Illinois they will probably be full of tools :( Russ would love that but I'll pass.

Anyway, have a good day all!

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It was supposed to hit 60 here today, and cloudy - but I think it's still in the 50s. Doesn't sound like I'm going to get much sympathy from any of you though!

Eric, I gained weight (15 lbs actually) during chemo and have been trying to get it off ever since. I finally lost about 10 lbs, but then the pulmonary doc put me on prednisone and I gained back 5. I'm finally off the prednisone and am trying to get back on the "wagon". I am going to our local theatre this weekend and meeting a friend for Mexican food and a Margarita - not exactly on the diet plan, but as you pointed out we can't give up everything after all!! I hope the show is good. It's called "Rhytmn of the Dance", and it's billed as a "1000 year journey through Celtic music and dance", so I think it will be wonderful even if it can't match the excitement of sawing people in half :D

Clare, I can't even remember when I last ice skated - I am sure I'd break something! Good for you for sticking with it. I have watched something I think was called "storage wars"? Maybe the same show. Seemed like a risky way to make a few bucks to me. I'm not much of a gambler. They all seemed to be very competitive.

Take care everyone, and have a great evening.

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