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Good morning everyone. I decided that if no one else was going to open I would. Not a whole lot going on with me sense I am pretty much grounded for a while.

It turned out that the surgery to remove the skin cancer on my leg was a much bigger deal than I expected. The one on my face healed so quick and no pain but this is a whole different ball game as they say. The cancer wasn't deep but it sat right above a major nerve and blood vesel. In order to get something to sew the graft to he had to go deep around those to find something solid. Can't sew it to weak skin or fat. As a result I have a hole in my leg. Seems that anything below the heart is a different deal all together. Also where he took the skin from on my upper thigh is like a very bad burn and I am not allowed to put anything other that a bandage on it for now. All in all the pain could have been a lot worse I suppose but it is hard being down so much. It really is doing a number on my back and muscles. Slowly trying to do more and follow doctor's orders. Do not want to have to go through this again.

Weather here is still beautiful with a few clouds and temperatures in the 70s after a few days of 80s. We are supposed to get some rain later next week but that will be ok because we sure do need it.

I can finally sit up enough to work on some of my projects. I got a lot done on the baby blanket I am working on until I ran out of yarn. Now it will have to wait until I can get up and around and walk in a store. Hope that is not as long as it feels like it will be. Anyway I have several other projects to work on. I have few more pieces to put together for my little great grandson's quilt before I can start putting the whole thing together. I also have an afghan I am working on and a small wheel chair size afghan to donate to a nursing home or rehab hospital. Once I am on my feet I am going to try and get a group together to make some small lap quilts. That is something that most can work on if the want to help out. Some can cut and some can sew also instead of quilting them we will just tack them. It has been a while sense I have done one like that but decided it would be easier and quicker for a group to do. I have a good bit of scraps to get us started them we can use our funds to buy more.

Well I guess I will get off of here and check out my ancestry site before I either read or start working on those quilt pieces. Have a great day everyone.

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Hi Lily - glad you got things started. I know what a bummer it is being down and not able to do the things you are used to and want to get done - but hopefully by following the doctor's orders things will heal pretty fast and you'll be back on your feet in no time. I think the sewing group to do lap throws is a great idea - and would be fun for the ladies as well!

Your weather is definitely better than it is up here. Today its cloudy and cool. They have been predicting a dryer, cooler spring than normal - which of course is not ood news for the upcoming fire season. Hopefully we'll get some more rain yet. I'm sure ready for summer but don't want to be breathing in smoke all summer either.

I haven't crocheted in years, but I used to enjoy it. I can knit, but I lose patience with it too fast (of course it doesn't help that I always tend to pick out the most complicated sweater patterns) :) Reading about your projects has gotten me thinking about doing afghans for my granddaughters for Xmas gifts, so think I may make a trip to the yarn shop.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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