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Howdy my friends! I know it's been over a week but i took a little time off to spend with the kids for spring break- ended up getting bronchitis the last couple of days and now I'm back to the grind and trying to get back on schedule again! How are things with you all?

Hows the weather? Janet what's the news on Boston and the new bird?

I have some news...I've a new assistant.

She is seriously lazy tho...


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It's late here but thought I'd at least stop by to say hi. Katie - love your new assistant!! I'm sure she'll be of great help as she gets a little older :)

It's just been sort of a "Monday" here - so I'm glad that's over with and we're on to Tuesday. Allergy season has arrived with a bang. I love the spring, but I loved it more before I got allergies and without all the sneezing and coughing! Hoping it doesn't last too long.

I seem to have gotten the "get organized" bug that's been going around. I can't believe all the paper I've thrown out (hopefully not a winning lottery ticket :( ), and I really feel good knowing where everything is! Of course that will only last a few weeks, and then I'll have new stacks of paper everywhere . . .

It's already tomorrow on the east coast - so I'll just say goodnight.

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