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Good Evening Everyone,

What a super pic Katie,love the pooch,so cute,looks like he's smiling?.Well Scotland has returned to the deep freeze,these last days I have been outdoors,doing my raising awareness bit for lung cancer in the shopping mall called the Glasgow Fort,despite my thermal drawers on under my trousers and a couple of wooly jumpers,gloves and wooly bunnet,I was still freezing,I have some pics to share with when I have got a wee bit time.The Roy Castle LC Foundation has purchased a hugh pair of inflatable lungs about 15ft high,you can walk inside them to see all working parts of the lungs, its even sporting a cancerous tumour,its a great draw with the general public, particularly with young children,I had to laugh at one kid who ran inside the lungs thinking was a bouncy castle type ,the look of disapointment on his face was a picture to behold.I recommend LUNGevity buying one.I was there giving out little bags of freebies, containing pens,car air fresheners also information booklets about lung cancer and smoking cessation etc,best bit though was talking to individuals for partcularly ones passing by holding a lit cigarette in their hand,hopefully I planted a seed in their heads to consider giving the habit up?

Working in Airdrie Theatre this week its the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Societies production of West Side Story,its absolutely brill,so professional and slick,I was a player with them for many years,but have'nt seen them since my dx nearly 5 years ago,they were all so pleased to see,suggesting I should come back next year,they are doing Jesus Christ Superstar,I love that show,would'nt have to learn the parts,I know the songs so well.

You may know about the passing of my friend Robert Lowe,his funeral service is this Wednesday,the family have asked me to say a few words during the service,he was such an inspiration to so many lung cancer survivors,I have been receiving lots of emails from people all around the UK and many other countries besides,some personal testimonies from people that have been touched or supported by Robert in some way,it would bring a tear to your eye,what a beacon and inspiration,he will sorely missed by so many people.

Have a great weekend everyone.Bye.

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Katie - what an adorable picture! Hope you are feeling better.

Eric - I think you must have us beat. It is 40 here at the moment, and I've been complaining loudly - but sounds like it is warm compared to where you are.

I just love West Side Story. I saw is 10 times in total when it came out at the movies originally. I remember the first time it was shown on television - must have been in the late 70s. I insisted my kids (boys in their early teens) watch it and was very disappointed because they laughed all the way through at the idea of gang members dancing and singing. Didn't appreciate it at all! I saw it at our local threater here a few years ago and it was sold out! I think it is just wonderful you are able to see all of these great shows.

The idea of giant lungs you can actually walk inside of sounds like a great idea. It doesn't seem like most people really understand how lungs function - I know I didn't. It seems like it would be a really good tool to take to schools to help teach young people the importance of taking good care of their lungs.

I wish everyone a safe and fun weekend.

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Happy Friday :) Weather here is cold again of course. We are expecting snow to roll in tonight and should have 6 in by morning. That darn groundhog was wrong huh?

Katie....that puppy is just adorable. How big will she get when fully grown? I'm glad our Sheltie is on the small side. I've seen some that are just huge.

Not cooking much today. My body is tired from all the cleaning I've been doing these past few days so I'm gonna take a break. Russ can have canned soup huh?

Well, I hope everyone has a super great week end :)

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