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David C update


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Hi, I'll introduce myself later, but this is David C's big sister. David went to the emergency room today, and I spoke to him and Karen a little while ago. They wanted me to let everyone know that it looks like he's okay, "just" bronchitis, and they're just waiting for someone to look at his CT scans before sending him home. They'll post something when they get home, I'm sure. Thanks, everybody, for caring so much!


Sister of David C. from Aylett (Richmond, VA)

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Hello everybody I am finally home!!! Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!!!!!

Well after spending all day in the emergency room I have good news and great news. Good news is I have Bronchitis and a prescription for antibiotics and cough syrup with codein. The great news is that they did a full CT Scan from tip to toe, so to speak and everything is clean. I was scheduled to have the CT's done Feb 3rd but my Onc said to go ahead and do them while I was there. It added about 3 1/2 hours to our day but well worth it since I did not have to wait for a couple of days to find out the results. Everybody at the hospital was wonderful. Faith is at Grandma and grandads for the night thankfully , It would have been a difficult day for her. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and goodnight.

P.S. Thanks Sis for your post letting everybody know about me.

David C

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Yeah, Aunt Becky for joining the board!

And yes, THANK GOD for "only" bronchitis. We just have to make sure it doesn't turn into pneumonia.

Thanks for everyone's support. It got scarey pretty fast. And I didn't realize how bad he felt until Sunday or so. We were focusing more on Faith recovering from surgery. Which is why, I suppose, her pediatrician suggested last year we get through Dave's treatment and get him stable before preceding with her surgery.

Karen C.

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Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy!

Gone from the Board a couple of days and all tarnation breaks loose!

Soooooooo happy for the good scans :D . Now just be careful with that bronchitis. Cherish yourselves a little, David and Karen, as well as that precious bundle of joy.

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