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Wednesday's Air

Janet B

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I am sorry I have been missing in action. I have been in a little funk for a few weeks, trying to decide what to do next with treatment, cold gray weather, bad cold - in general I kind of crawled in my own personal hole (with my bird of course) and stared at dumb tv and played words with friends for a week or two. But things are settling into place with treatment (I will be going to Boston for a trial with Dr. Lecia Sequist) and the sun is shining, the crocuses blooming and all my kids will be home in 2 days. I made it to another spring!

I hope you are all doing well, I checked and there hasn't been an air in a few days, I hope everyone is just out enjoying the coming of spring!

I was sorry to read that Eric lost his friend, he was an amazing survivor. Katie, your new puppy is adorable! And Michelle, I am glad yours is finally getting the hang of potty training!

Our neighbors have an Australian shepherd puppy. He keeps coming over to our yard wanting to play with our Golden. He waits at the stairs of the deck wagging his tail! The only problem is he is 1 and our boy is almost 13 and arthritic with bad hips! It is like a toddler wanting to play tag with great grandpa! It also reminds me of when my kids were little. The family that lived in the same house as the puppy had two little kids the same ages as mine. Only problem was they had no nap time, bedtime or supervision - so, like the puppy, they would stand on our steps and beg for my kids to come out to play at all hours!

I am going to go clean the kitchen, shop for some last minute Easter basket fillers (my son just informed me he is bringing home his roommate for the holiday) and then have a coffee with a good friend. Forcing myself out of my hole!



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Janet, so glad to see you back and you've decided your course of action. Will you have to go to Boston for every aspect of the trial, or can you do some of it locally? I rather enjoyed the trial I participated in - it was kind of an interesting process, and of course it also was held at a large cancer center, which was a new experience for me as well.

Your story of the neighbor's young Aussie wanting to play with your old guy reminded me of a situation we had - entirely of our own making! We had a 12 yr old shepherd and were worrying about how much longer we would have her, so we got the bright idea of getting a new shepherd puppy so we would have him when the older dog died. One of the dumbest things I've ever done! The puppy decided to adopt the old female as his mother (and playmate), and would pester her from morning til night. All she wanted to do was enjoy her retirement, nap and wake up just long enough to get an occasional belly rub and treat. The look on her face clearly said "why is he here and what were you thinking"! I like to think it kept her young longer - bu I think that's just to make me feel better.

I've noticed lots of trees are blooming, but it is still awfully cold -- I can see spring coming, but I really want some warm weather.

We are taking a friend to dinner tonight for her birthday. She is 89, and her best friend just died two weeks ago. They spent all of their time together, so it has left a big gap. She is such an optimist though. I said something about how hard it must be to keep outliving all of your friends - but her response is that you just need to keep making new ones!

Hope some of the others stop by to say hello.


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Hi everyone! I too haven't been here for a couple days. Certainly not because I was out enjoying any spring weather. We had over 18 inches of snow and we've been attempting to dig ourselves out! Seems like so many people here have ended up in ditches the past couple days. Russ's daughter went in twice in one day. I got stuck in it, but no ditch thank goodness. This California girl was only taught to drive in rain, not snow :(

I hope all is well and I'll check back again tomorrow. Take care!

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Good Morning Everyone,

Hi Michelle,still snow here in Scotland too,will you tell that groundhog creature of yours that I am unimpressed by his predictions,we change over to summer time here in the UK this weekend and where is spring?.

Janet best wishes for your treatments in Boston,by co-incidence last night I plugged my hard drive, passport thingy, into my blueray DVD player to watch my photos of my USA trip 2 years ago,the section on Boston on my 46 inch Telly was just beautiful,my Hotel I think was called the Boston Park Plaza (the only one in Boston with an underground car park) next door was a lovely park where you could ride in a swan boat.I think Boston was my favourite city I visited in the USA,I must return some day.

I was invited by Robert Lowes family to attend a "commemoration" for Robert,strangely it was to be held in a rather posh "Social Club",I discovered later,that Robert had a private ceremony on Monday and was cremated,his ashes were placed at the top table at the social club.In Scotland standard practice,is church service then onto the burial or to the crematorium followed by an invitation to the mourners for a meal in a selected hostelry?,seems this practice is quite common in the USA?,anyway the family asked me to present a eulogy for Robert,which was a pleasure and an honour for me to do.The "service" opened with a women speaking from a script describing Robert's life,fortunately for me she did'nt encroach on my prepared speech,then when she completed her speech,she invited the audience to share any memories they had,at that point I was directed by the family towards the lectern,I gave my prepared address which was warmly received by the assembly, I was particularly pleased with the kind response the family gave me afterwards.Robert was such a hero of mine,he came into my life,when I was feeling so down,having just been told by my GP I only had a couple of years left max.A man who worked tirelessly to encourage everyone survivors,families,carers and friends affected by lung cancer,he will be sadly missed.

Have a great day everyone,we have my daughter and her boyfriend visiting this afternoon,she finishes Uni early today,she will stay for dinner,but I have my bowling tonight so I am having to dash out a bit early,well I am part of a four man team,cannot let the guys down,Jennifer would have to choose a Thursday to visit LOL. Bye.

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I had written a long post and hit the wrong button somehow and erased it all. No wonder I do not like to write on this lap top.

I am doing better but still having a major problem with sciatica. S eems like things not really associated with the surgery has been my biggest problem both times. I have had a bone spur in my heel act up so I couldn't walk at all and the already bad sciatica flared up even worse when I started using that leg and foot to pull myself around my apartment in my roll around desk chiar. We have a service co ordinater here and she got hold of my doctor and got her to write a prescription for a shower chair and a walker. I am now walking with just a cane except when I leave my apartment and when I get up during the night and first thing in the morning when the sciatica is at it's worse.

Eric sorry to hear about your friend Rober passing. Sounds like he was a real fighter and inspiration to others and will be greatly missed.

Janet I pray that your new treatments will be just what you need to continue enjoying your bird and all of the other things in life that you love for many many more years.

Katie the pooch is adorable and I am so happy that you were able to allow yourself a new companion. I know how hard that had to be at first but happy that it has worked out.

Diane we have had a few clouds and sprinkles but for the most part our weather has be beautiful. Looking forward to getting better so I can sit outside and enjoy it soon before it starts to get too hot. All of the trees here have bloomed and most are leafed out. Can't wait until I can get around a little better and am able to sit outside for a while before the heat of summer hits.

Just got a note to go sign papers for my rent for the coming year. That is a very sore subject for me. This so called non profit organization that owns our housing are ripping off the government by charging outragous prices for these small apartments. They are getting total from us and the govenment almost double what other apartments in the area that are bigger are renting for. Upkeep is not that great either so that excuse doesn't fly. I got a $20 raise in my Social Security and my rent is going up again. It already went up $10 last month and will probably go up $6 or$9. So much for the cost of living!!!Things like food and gas and utilities that I have to pay keep going up too. The least little raise seems to cost me double what I get. Sorry for venting but that is one of my pet peeves. I understand the % we are supposed to pay but when a company that is supposed to be non porfit finds a way to take even more for their own pockets it really burns me up :x

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