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Just Found out 5 days in....and am CONFUSED!!!

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Found out my NON smoking (EVER) body has lung Cancer On April 4th! I work out like 5 days a week which I love. I am so confussed as to what this is. They thought it could be from my Endometriosis. But the PET scan showed three tumors, one on leg, ovary and a 2cc on my lung and The possitive is the one on my lung is the only one that showed signs of cancer. The good news it EVERYTHING else from the PET scan showed no cancerous cells anywhere. They took half the lobe and I am waiting for results and am praying it IS lung cancer so it will be easily treated. I would only need the lymp nodes taken and the rest of the lobe removed. This week is the week I am waiting to hear back........so scared of what they will tell me. I have no real info other than "lets hope its lung cancer" Most of my answers are coming form this websit. I HAVE TO LIVE and I WILL. My 8 year old son and husband are a mess with out their mommy. I say mommy to both because I am the rock. PTA nieghborhood organizer etc.....also taking care of my husbands 86 year old mom which makes me a saint right there BELIEVE ME.....so glad I found this site to get CANCER support because as much care and love I am getting; No one can understand my fears. They keep saying OH you will be alright!!!! Thats great but I need friends that know how Im feeling. and stories of survival!!!!! Sad to be hear but happy to be amoung "family"!!!!

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a quick fix for some inspiration and stories of survival are in the good news and inspirational forums here.. 2 of the best in the world in my opinion.. hoping for the best and is nothing. remember though no one can let you get down about this =if you get yourself down then cancer wins ..

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I'm sorry you are here but the very encouraging news is it looks like your lung cancer was found early. Do you know what kind/type it is? Probably a nsclc if you were able to have surgery. Will you be getting tumor marker testing? If you haven't or been told about that, I would definitely inquire about it. There are targeted therapies for people who carry a lung cancer gene mutation- right now less than 20% do, but for those that do, they benefit greatly from targeted therapies.

It's early days for you- which can be very scary adn uncertain. Ask loads of questions. Visit our survivor resource center if you haven't already-

( http://events.lungevity.org/survivors/index.html )

and have your husband and support circle visit our caregiver resource center ( http://events.lungevity.org/cg/index.html ). Give those around you tasks and responsibilities and have them rally around you.

We will be here for you too.

Keep posting and keep us updated please!

My best hopes for you,


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I too am happy that they found this in the early stage for you. I also agree with Katie about having your husband join here as well. There are so many wonderful people here and a wealth of information and support. Please keep us updated ((hugs))

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