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Oh where oh where are my LCSCer's at

Oh where oh where can they be?

It's a crazy busy time of year for me- planning HOPE Summit, speaking at SMSS conference and doing lots of traveling...I"m so sorry I haven't been around as much as I'd like.

While I read all your posts, I have rarely made any new ones these past several weeks.

I promise to be better if you do.

Whats the weather like in your neck? Was 75 here, today was 39 and will be back up in the 70s in about 24 hours. Can someone say BIPOLAR weather?

Last week while I was at the movies with my oldest, my youngest accidentally tripped over the puppy and broke her (the puppy's) leg. It was scary and boy did my daughter feel bad. Good news is the pup will be OK. She's in a cast for 4 week but no surgery- thank goodness.

Here's little Bella, 13 weeks, purple cast.



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Good Evening Everyone,

Love the pics Katie,he the little guy recovers soon as.Its been some time since I have post pics in,got some great ones too,my avatar shows me holding my great niece Mia,well she has grown a bit since,I have some pics of her in her easter bonnet and building a snowman in the garden plus a visit to Loch Lomond to watch Mia's Grandpa Pat,celebrating his birthday having a family meal at the Dick Bay Marina,then taking off in a seaplane from a celebration flight around the beautiful West Coast of Scotland.Too late tonight to post them in,perhaps at the weekend.

Kids still on Easter vacation here in Scotland,my great nephew Max will be sharing a day out with me (his Mum works on the Thursday),at Max's request,we are off to the Time Capsule,its a big indoor aqua park,with a early man theme,lots of flumes,rapids,wave machine,water cannons,following that its off to MacDonalds,and me still on my diet too,I read in a health article recently that a MacDonalds Strawberry Milk Shake has the equivilent of 16 teaspoonfuls of sugar in them?,I love them too,so its going to be a challenge tomorrow to forego the pleasures of having one.Afterwards we are off to the Showcase Film Centre,Max wants to see Wreck it Ralph,then home to Mum.

Still doing my front of house role,great show last Saturday,it was called Celtic Dreams, 3 young Irish Tenors singing many of my favourites Irish songs plus some I had'nt heard before,we also had some young guys and gals doing the Michael Flatley Riverdance stuff,gosh,how they can do this type of dancing in sinc just beats me.

Up and out early (7.45am) to pick up Max and run his Mum to work,since its now 11.40pm, time for bed,dont want to sleep in,goodnight everyone.

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