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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Just passed midnight,so I thought I would open Saturdays Air.Hi Janet I had read and enjoyed hearing about your visit to Boston,particularly the bit about falling asleep in the hospitals rooftop healing garden in temps of over 70 degrees,it conjured up such pleasant images to me of summer,is'nt the USA so huge when you then mention today of being back home and now suffering temps in Connecticut in the 40s?.Still here with fingers crossed that you get a place on the clincal trials.

I had a brilliant day with young Max at the Time Capsule,MacDonalds and then Wreck it Ralph at the Showcase Cinema Complex,though I did find the film a bit tedious and nodded off for a while,my wife came with us so Max was'nt quite left alone.

Its my daughters birthday (12th) she was having a celebratory night out with her friends,she is 29,goodness me, where have the years gone? she and her boyfriend Chris are coming out today to Airdrie to visit me,I have booked a table at Airdries finest Italian Restaurant,Guidies in the evening,their food is delicious,bang goes my diet again,goodness knows how many calories I consumed in MacDonalds too?.Also, today its the offical opening of the outdoor lawn bowling season,I have recently been voted in as vice-president of the club,so I have to wear the offical uniform,bit like the green jacket stuff as with the US Masters,oh I get a medal to wear as well,who wants my autograph?,due to my prior arrangements with Jennifer I wont be staying for the evening meal and drinkies.

I have just had an email from one of our Stobhill Hospital Lung Cancer Support Group members,Margaret,her position is Secretary,she tells me ,we as a group, have been nominated for the finals of the Glasgow Community awards sponsored by the Evening Times,which will be held this Thursday in Glasgow,its a great tribute to our founding member Robert Lowe who had survived SCLC and NSCLC for 20 years,Robert as you may be aware passed away recently following surgery to remove cancerous tumours from his stomach and throat,his operation was successful,he died cancer free,post surgery to took an infection that his weakened body could not cope with.Margaret has invited all the members to meet, at 3.00pm for a group photo session to be published in the Evening Times,but in her enthuesism in emailing me she has forgot to tell me what day?,bless her.

Wishing you all a super weekend,bye for now.

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