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At the end of Novebmer, 2012, I had a persistent cough, was given Rx for cough medicine. Two more trips to the doctor before a chest x-ray was ordered at which time indicated a 7cm tumor in my upper left lung. Had all the tests, and surgery was done March 6, 2013. Just starting chemo next week and radiation. At this time I am extremely anxious about the radiation and quite honestly, the chemo also. I am blessed that this was found in time to have the surgery.


dX 01/31/213

Upper Left Lobectomy


Starting chemo 04/17/13

Radiation to be scheduled

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Hi Trish,

It IS great that you have treatment options, but I understand how completely fear filled and anxious you are about treatments. It's not a walk in the park for sure.

What may bring you a little comfort is knowing others have been thru it and made it to the otherside -post treatment- living life after lung cancer.

Others will chime in here. I just wanted to welcome you to LCSC and encourage you to keep posting- it really helps- and we will be here for you.

Here's a great video of Tracy and Barbara.

They both were dx with 3/3b NSCLC. They are also support mentors for LUNGevity and volunteer to help others who need support.

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