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Sundays Air.

eric byrne

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Hello,Hello,Anyone at Home? Good Evening Everyone,

Blooming heck,a whole week passed and not a post here-is it me?.Well as I am here, might as well bring you up to date with the going ons this side of the pond.Busy week again,still working on my diet,had some problems sticking to it though,Saturday last out celebrating Jennifers birthday,lovely family night out,Guidies- best Italian this side of the Mississipi?,well Airdrie anyway.Thursday lunch with my gym buddies in Glasgow,in the evening I attended the Glasgow Community Award ceremony which is sponsored by the Evening Times,our Stobhill Lung Cancer Support Group was nominated in the category Health and Wellbeing,we were presented with a lovely framed certificate,the group was founded by my friend Robert Lowe as you may know had passed away recently after having survived SCLC and NSCLC for twenty years,I got interviewed by a reporter and my tribute to Robert was published in the Friday edition of that newspaper,along with a pic of our group members.There an excellent buffet provided,boy did I participate in helping them in scoffing it,only in the interest of saving food from being wasted you understand.Friday out for lunch with my yoga buddies,its a tough life I lead,I tell you.

One of my gym buddies Carol,sings in the Cumbernauld Choir,and invited me along to sing on Friday afternoon to the Rannoch Lodge Nursing Home to the inmates?,first half we sang a load of the big musical show numbers,Oklahoma,Carousel,Sound of Music etc,second half, loads of popular Scottish songs,finishing of course with Scotland the Brave and Auld Lang Syne.Our audience,well the ones that did'nt sleep through our entire performance,were just brill,they joined in with all the chorous,es,think they really enjoyed themselves as much as I did,thinking about joining their choir properly now?.

Still on music ,not long home from front my front of house job, performance tonight,it was a youth group called Shine,they were so good,they did songs from 10 musicals,one of them being Billy Elliot,this group wrote to the producers of the show in London to ask permission to stage some of their numbers,not only did they give them permission,but invited them down to London to their Theatre and watch them perform,they were so impressed that their own Billy Elliot asked the Shine Billy Elliot for his autograph.The other shows they covered I particularly liked their Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Miserables,what a great night,and I get paid to watch the performance,whos a lucky boy then?.

I actually was going to title this post Saturdays Air,however since its now after midnight its now Sunday.ABC in the morning then off to visit my sister Dot in Glasgow,for fun and games with her grandkids Emma and Jack.Wishing you all a great weekend,bye for now.

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Okay so it's now Wednesday here in the UK but yikes I'm tired just reading this. And hungry too!

Busy two weeks with mum in hospital and then organising the funeral which was Monday. Went really well too - but more on that another time. It's after 1am and I'm tired :)

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