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Hello friends!

It sure has been quiet in here and that's hugely my fault. Been getting ready for HOPE Summit coming up and it's been so much work and takes up a huge amount of my time. I also was asked to speak at a conference last week so that made things doubly busy.

Just one more week and then things may be able to calm down a bit.

I think there are alot of folks getting ready to come to DC this week. I look forward to meeting you/seeing some of you again.

What's the weather like this spring where you are? What's been going on with you? give us an update!

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Sorry Katie, I usually try to stop in a few times a week at least, but I have had a rough few weeks here and just didn't have the energy. I hope everyone else is missing because the weather is so nice where they are and they are outside instead of at their computers!

This weekend we had beautiful spring weather, in the 60's so a little cold for me still, but sunny and nice. Today however it is grey and chilly again. I tried to garden a little bit yesterday, but had no energy for it and did about a 2 foot section - at this rate I will finish weeding next January! Today I went and picked out new glasses, hopefully I will have them by the weekend, and sat at the beach (in the car, it is cold out remember!) with some Dunkin Donuts and a good friend. I am SO ready for summer.

In health news, I started my trial drug,finally, on Thursday. It kept getting put off, first because of bad Bloodwork numbers, then a hospital stay (I went to the emergency room with pericarditis and was admitted for two days) then the trial company was unhappy with my emergency room CT scan so I had to have another - sheesh - it took four false starts but I have started!! While all this was going on I was also very worried about two of my kids who live in Boston, so it was, needless to say a rough few weeks!

This week is all about resting up for Hope Summit!

I miss you all - pop on in and let us know you are okay -



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