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Tuesday's Air

Janet B

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Hi guys!!

It is a sunny day here, but still only 62 degrees. I spent the morning trying to switch out my winter clothes with my summer ones, and my Pre-chemo clothes with the clothes that fit my post-chemo body. It is a big job for someone with no energy, especially hanging things up, and my room looks like a tornado hit! I will not finish today, but I have to finish before Friday when I leave for D.C. I hate coming home from a trip to a messy house.

Yesterday my bird FINALLY sat on my finger! It has taken over a month and a lot of patience and time, but we are getting there! He was advertised as "hand raised", it soon became very obvious that was not true, but there is a huge sense of accomplishment every time he takes a step closer to being tamed!

Please check in friends, and let us know you are ok. ?



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Hi Everyone! It's a beautiful day here today in the mid 80's. The winter this year was soooo very long and harsh I didn't think I would ever see the sun again, but here it is! I have been outside playing with some new plants and mowing the yard. I love mowing....especially on a riding mower!

Janet, that's great news about your bird. My son has one just like it and she's so attached to him. She hates me.....but oh well, huh?

Russ has decided to sell his motorcycle so his daughter wants her last ride today. She should be here anytime. Hope he wants to take me out too later!

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather! Cya soon!

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Another beautiful day here, still sweater weather in my book, but the sun is shining and the sky is blue! In a bit I am headed out to a store or two. We will see. Yesterday I tried to shop for some clothes and I got so weak, my husband had to come pick me up and drive me to my car in the parking lot! Good thing he works right around the corner and is very understanding!

Tomorrow I have to go in to the cancer center for week two of my new trial. Then home to pack for the Hope Summit! Last year I was so worried about what to wear, meeting new people, the whole thing. This year I am throwing a few pairs of jeans and t shirts in a bag and heading out with a big smile!

Michelle, I hope you got your ride on the motorcycle! That is something I would be way to chicken to do!

Diane, I am so worried about you, please let us know you are ok?

Peace everyone!


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