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Tuesday's air


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Good morning. It is 6:30 am here on the West Coast. Plenty of sunshine and a slight breeze promising to be another hot day. I actually stayed in bed until 6 this morning. That last hour is always a rough one. I want to sleep more but by then my back and hip are screaming at me to get up and relieve the pressure. So now I am having coffee and spending my first hour up on the heating pad. That and exercise seem to be the only thing that helps.

I need to do some laundry this morning so I guess I will dress my bed after I shower. Fitness is later this morning and I want to have my laundry ready for the dryers so when I am out of fitness I can get home and fix my lunch. I have become a fanatic for our Giants baseball team and don't miss a game if I can help it. I have always been a fan but lived so far away for so long that I missed all of the games. Now I am having a ball watching them win.

Last night there was no game on so I decided to go sit outside for a while. We used to have several people out every night during Spring and Summer then after Maxine died we just all kind of got away from it. Most nights I am watching the game but some days it is on early or and off day so I would go out and no one was there. I hope to get it started again because there are so many new neighbors now and that is the only way we can get to know them and get them interested in attending our different functions.

Anyway a couple of us where out when a new neighbor came out and asked us if we were going in to hear Karaoke . I had forgotten about it. When he moved in he wanted to jump in right away with things but he has very bad dementia and follows everyone around wanting to know where they are going and what they are doing. If you have a bag he wants to know what is in it. In other words he can drive you nuts asking the same questions over and over. Still I feel sorry for him. He doesn't seem to have anyone around here and he has to be lonely. I try to put myself in someone's place and not lose patience though it is hard sometimes. Having that determination reinforced by Robert's death I decided to go listen to him. Actually he was quite good. The songs that he sang were from the 40s and 30s a little before my time but I actually recognized some of them. It turned out to be a nice half hour and gave this man something to do. I am glad that I went.

Now I have to run. Time for breakfast and shower then off to do laundry before fitness.

I am still wondering about Diane. I sent her a message on facebook but have not heard back from her. Does anyone know what is going on with her? I am starting to get concerned. a good day everyone and please continue to post.

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Lillian you are with your Giants like I am with the the Red Sox! Unfortunately, my Sox are going through a rough patch!

it is a beautiful sunny day here but still chilly - I have on a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt and a fleece jacket! It is my morning to go to the farm, but this trial drug is throwing me for a loop. I was up most of the night with terrible pain in my bones (I can relate to your pain Lillian!), a massive headache and then got up and threw up. Fun! So, I drove the half hour to the farm to give them the next two weeks of crafts I had put together, made sure they had someone to cover for me and told them that I could no longer be a reliable volunteer. It made me sad, especially because it was such a beautiful day and the baby horses were romping about. I am hoping that if I don't do the preschool program there anymore, I will be up to going and just enjoying the animals and peacefulness of the farm everyonce in a while.

My daughter (middle) is home for a couple of days. I think we will just cuddle some, maybe garden a little. Oh, and she wants me to teach her how to make bread. She has big shopping plans, but I am not up to that. She just finished her 3rd year of medical school, so I am constantly asking her medical questions! She owes me the free advice right?!

I am very worried about Diane, she hasn't been on the site since April 20th and not on Facebook since March. Prayers that she is ok.

have a good day everyone!



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