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Friday's Air

Janet B

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Good afternoon friends!!

It is gorgeous day here in CT. I hope it is the same where you are. I was so glad to hear that Katie was safe from the tornados, does anyone know about our other Texas members?

I am going to take advantage of the stone cutters next door taking a lunch break and go outside and do some gardening. Then off to the store for some sandals. I have put off buying new sandals and bathing suits for years because "I was dying so why waste the money". Well now there is no choice, my suits don't fit and my sandals fell apart! After that I have a coffee date with my good friend.

This weekend's plans include Lots of yard work, cleaning the deck, a big tag sale and helping out at church. We have begun a woodland memorial garden there (I take all the credit, it was my constant pestering that got them moving on it!). it is in the very beginning stages, plans drawn up, path laid out, permits taken care of. Sunday is a "pick up sticks picnic".

My bone pain is much better than yesterday. yesterday I would have given my self a 7 on the pain scale, today a 2! I think maybe sleeping all day and all night helped!

My bird is screaming for my attention - hope you all have amazing days!!



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