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Sunday's Air


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The sun is shining this morning and it’s supposed to be about 80 degrees. It would be perfect if the allergies would just let up – they seem especially bad this year and everyone I know who suffers from them seems just miserable. I’ve never been tested to see what I’m allergic to, but I am thinking about doing it in case there is something that I might have some control over. Has anyone had the testing done and found it to be helpful? One friend went through several years it seemed of shots which were supposed to really help. I think they did for a little while, but now seem to be as bad as ever. I still plan to work in the yard today, at least a little. When I can’t breathe I have no energy, but I still love being outdoors.

We had two guest rooms, but I finally got rid of the bed in one of them and am going to turn it into a “project” room. I’m really excited. I’ve had all these projects I’ve wanted to complete (like doing something with all 20 boxes of family photos going back to the late 1800s, and boxes and boxes of recipes etc. that I have been saving for years) – but you need to have a place where you can leave it all out while you’re working on it so it’s all just been sitting in a closet. I have a doll house that’s been stuck in the master bedroom closet, and now I’ll be able to put it out as well. Never had a space of my own before – should be fun :)

I hope the sun is shining where you are –


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