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Radation risk pros & cons


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I was dx Squmaous nsclc upper left lobe, surgery to remove. Original dx was 1b or 2a. After surgery ap node which was removed tested positive. Completed chemo cisplatnum/taxoter. Just found out they want to do radation mediastinum. Very scared the risk are really bad. Anyone have this done? Also considering proton if I'm accepted. I'd appreciate any input.

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I did not have radiation as part of lung cancer treatment, but I did have radiation for breast cancer two years prior to my lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. If you have some trepidation about radiation treatment, I would recommend a couple of things.

First, express your concerns to your medical care team-whether it be surgeon, oncologist, radiation oncologist. Sometimes the unknown is our worst fear of all and when we find out exactly what's going to happen the fears ease up a little. I'm sure the risks are scary, they are scary for all procedures, but maybe the expected benefits outweigh those risks.

Second, get another opinion as to whether radiation is recommended.

There are a lot of people here who have had radiation to their chest as treatment for lung cancers. I hope they weigh in with their experiences.

Good luck to you-and keep in touch with us. We all know how scary these times are.


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I can't add much to what Cindy has said. Do your research and talk to your doctors. I had radiation concurrent with chemo, but I am not a good example since I had previously had my left lung removed and that made things more difficult with breathing afterwards. I am sure they have done or will do a pulmonary function test. As for the radiation itself, I had no problems with it. I do know some people have trouble with being able to swallow, depending on the path of the beam. It also causes fatigue as do so many other cancer treatments.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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