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Monday's Air


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Thanks for opening the air on Sunday Diane!

it really has been a busy start to the summer, at least for us, and I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and being outside.

How is everyone feeling on this Monday?

It's a new start to the week, what are your plans?

Did you have a fun weekend?


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HI Katie! Weather here today is in the mid 60's. But at least it's dry so I have no complaints.

Came home yesterday and found a mess in the house from Sampson (again) :( So.....I finally went and got a dog cage. We were so worried he would cry all night but he was actually good. Never heard a sound. Now that we have the cage maybe I can stop cleaning the carpets on a weekly basis? He get's so mad at the idea of being alone he will potty on the floor or tear up anything in sight. Glad that issue will be put to rest now.

I'm hoping to go visit the amish community tomorrow. I've never been to one and it sounds like so much fun. I'll update ya if we're able to go.

Have a great day everyone!

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I agree, Thanks so much Diane for keeping the air open!

I have been missing for a while, I am so sorry. My pain had gotten so bad that I had a hard time concentrating on anything much. I am now on good doses of OxyContin and pain free. I posted an update under "test time/ updates". For here I will just say that the trial is off and new treatment has started.

It has rained all morning but the sun is trying very hard to break through now. I had plans to sit at the beach with a dear friend, I am remaining hopeful that that will happen before sunset! My garden is very happy for the rain though! Diane, I have been a garden supervisor this year also. I was so sick that I had never planted my plants from Mother's Day! My daughter came home this weekend and between the two of us we got them all in the ground, I am not sure how many will make it though! The gardens have not been weeded at all though and my kids and husband do not know a weed from a plant so they are useless there! My sister is coming tomorrow to get it all caught up for me.

My bird is still not tame, but he is very very funny! He is learning the theme song to Indiana Jones. His pick, not ours! We have been trying daily to get him to sing other songs, but he heard Indiana Jones one time and fell in love! I think he will have it down pat by the end of the week!

I am glad you gave in to the kennel Michele! I had a hard time doing it too, but it was the only thing that worked and my dog seemed to like it, he would go in there on his own when he was tired.

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday everyone!!



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Katie - thanks for opening the air this morning. It's warming up here - too warm I think by Wednesday. We have to go to my granddaughter's 8th grade graduation on Wednesday, which is being held at the college. I'm hoping to borrow a wheelchair because I have a feeling there will be a lot of walking involved in getting to the intended building. I called the school and asked them about it, and was told that it was only a "short walk and a small flight of stairs" to get where we need to go. But I've learned that a "short walk and a small flight of stairs" is not necessarily the same thing for a person with two lungs as it is for me. The last time I went to one of girls' plays, the "public" bathroom was so far away from the auditorium that they wound up having to let all us old disabled folks use the "actor's" bathroom during intermission.

Michelle - sorry Sampson hasn't quite got it down yet, but I think the crate will do the trick. I fought the idea for years as well, but as soon as I got desperate enough to try it, I've never been without one and all of us - dogs included - have been much happier.

Barker sounds like a real character Janet. Of all the music I would not have thought a bird would get hung up on . . . so funny!

Well Monday is almost over and I hope it's been a good one for everybody.

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