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Janet B

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So, I started the new clinical trial and the side effects I was having did not seem to match up with what they expected, then my bone pain and nausea got very bad. Turns out that they were not side effects at all, but new disease. Yuck!

My cancer, which has been growing in my spine, lungs and spleen slowly for a while now has also decided to go back to my brain. This time into the brain and spinal fluid (leptomeningeall).

Not a great prognosis to say the least, but my doctor and I have no plans to give in at this point - so onward I go! I started whole Brain radiation and radiation to my spine this afternoon. I will have 14 treatments in all and in the meantime we will figure out what the next step will be. I love that my Onc always has another plan, and a fiighting attitude! Oh, and I love OxycOntin!

prayers are appreciated!



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Hi Janet,

I am just so sad to read of your latest news,I am still upbeat on your clinical trial, hoping that you can derive some benefits from it.I will of course keep you in my prayers,I have a friend I call "Jim of the Gym",we meet daily for our exercises,Jim is 80 years old,still has a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humour,he is a devout RC who reckons I am still here because he often lights a candle for me in his church,I am going to ask him to include you in his task,well Jim is convinced it works,so why not?.Best wishes Janet for success in the treatments your are going through.

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good to hear everything is in check and they are fighting it aggressively with you.. hugs and prayers to you!!

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(((Janet))), I'm sorry I missed this before, but I'm here now and I want you to know that you have my prayers to go with all the rest. It's good to know that your doctors are aggressively treating you and there is no doubt you are doing your part. Please keep us updated . Hope to hear good results soon.



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