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Tuesday's Air


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It's very warm in Texas this week. My skin (hyper sensitive from my medications) actually burn thru the car window and I've gotten lobster-face already this year from being on the lake... sigh... the key word is sunscreen and more and more sunscreen I guess.

How is everyone today.

Janet, hows your pain and nausea? I think about you everyday. Loads of our friends in the HOPE Summit private group in FB have sent tons of well wishes and prayers your way.

Michelle, hows the weather where you are? I didn't go to Chicago last week for the big ASCO convention (1st break in SIX years!) and have been enjoying working from home. I usually enjoy Chicago this time of year.

Diane I hope you get that wheel chair so you can enjoy the graduation- do keep us updated.

Many hugs for all of you who are reading but bot posting. tell us about YOU, what's new in your world and let's get to know each other.

Happy Tuesday LCSCer's

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The weather here is beautiful here this week, high 60's low 70's with blue sky's and a warm breeze. The kind of day you just want to sit outside with a cold drink and do nothing!

My sister game from New Hampshie to give me rides to the Cancer Center today and tomorrow and she weeded and mulched my whole front garden. It looks a thousand times better as I had done nothing with the gardens this year. Tomorrow she will do the backyard. That is a huge relief off my mind. I have started setting up a "Janet needs help" page through my church, and weeding will definitely be on there! (So will a "ride to and company at the beach" ! Important stuff!

I am feeling much better Katie! Thanks and thank you for putting it up on the Facebook page, I have read e reesponses and have been very moved by them, as I am moved by all the stuff that happens through LUNGevity and Hope Summit!

I think we have the dosing right now between the OxiContin and steroids and the radiation should help too. So I am feeling worlds better than last week. just trying to do alot (probably too much) before the radiation fatigue sets in!

No big plans for this week, with radiation an hour from home right at noon it kind of puts a crimp in other activities!

Diane, you should definitely get that wheel chair! Plus you should call the school and ask about handicapped parking. My sons school had handicapped parking that you didn't need a tag for, they just took you for you word that you needed it. Play that "cancer card!".

Hope everyone else is out having fun!



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Katie – it is hot here today, but probably not as hot as Texas. We’ve already had several wildland fires which usually do not become a problem until July. From a fire standpoint, I think it’s going to be a long summer. Fortunately we usually don’t have fires in heavily inhabited areas – not like in So. Calif. I like the warm weather, but when it gets really hot it just sort of sucks the air out of you and makes it harder to breathe.

Janet - your sister sounds great! Can I borrow her?? That is a good idea about the parking. I know they have preferred seating for handicap so I'll call and ask them about it. We had to use the wheelchair at Oregon State's graduation last year and so were able to get the preferred seating. Things were fine until the National Anthem when everyone stood up -- naturally I stood up like everyone else. Chuck was so embarrassed and mad at me. But I just can't breathe - nothing wrong with my legs!!

Really got lucky today. Got a call from a friend, and they have a friend who will let me borrow a wheelchair – so at least I’ll be prepared if it’s not the short walk they say it is. I think I’ll have to look into one of these ‘transport chairs’ – it’s really all I need and then I’ll be prepared when these situations come up. I tried on the outfit I planned to wear to graduation and somehow it’s gotten tighter since I’ve been on the Prednisone  It probably would have been fine, but I didn’t “feel” comfortable in it and honestly I’m ready for something new so that’s as good an excuse as any. I decided to go to the mall to see what they had, and I wanted to get Chuck a new shirt as well. Shopping by myself is hard though. I can’t walk around the mall anymore, so I pretty much have to stick with the stores with outside entrances and where the clothing is right inside the door. I immediately found a great shirt for Chuck, and not 30 feet away the perfect outfit for me – I NEVER find something I like right away. Obviously it was meant to be – right?

I also got a call from the O2 company. I’ve been bugging them about seeing if they could get me a portable concentrator for months. They finally said they are starting the paperwork. Not sure how long it might take – but I’m really excited. I hate hate hate needing the oxygen, but not having it to use is even worse. This will make everything so much easier and I might not even need that transport chair. Heck, I might even be able to walk around the mall again! (Chuck won't like that much). :D

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

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