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is gemzar strong? dad is vomiting more than usual after this

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any good or bad things from gemzar? Dad started on it last week, I think he should not get chemo this week if he is not healthy enough. I am worried about him, eventhough he says he will fight on. Any natural remedies for nausea??? thanks


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Gianni only threw up one time when he got pneumonia.

He had gemzar alone one week and with carboplatin the next with 3 weeks off. The medicine did the trick. The first doctors gave him pills to take at home the second just gave medicine with chemo. Sorry I can't help more.


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Dear RayRoy,

I've sort of been holding off saying anything to you about Gemzar. It's supposed to be a "kinder/gentler" chemo, but of all the chemo meds I have had, Gemzar made me the sickest. I don't remember throwing up--I think I have an iron stomach--but 2 days after each infusion, I would run very high fevers--103 for example.

I was supposed to get an infusion once a week for three weeks and then have a week off. I never made it to the third week because of low platelet counts. In the end, Gemzar did not shrink my tumor, but I did not have any tumor progression either.

Question: Does your Father receive an anti-nausea drug along with his chemo? I've always had this at the time of my chemo. It can be given by infusion or in pill form. This is really critical.

I think a lot of people have had success with Gemzar, but your Dad needs to share his negative experience with his oncologist. He or she will help you and your Dad make a good decision about your next step.

Thinking of you,


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