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It should only go up to about 84 today, and they are calling for 70s the rest of the week – perfect! Allergies are still in high gear however.

Janet, I think the grocery delivery is a great idea. We used to have a small family-owned grocer here who delivered, but they went out of business during the recession. I think Safeway delivers in some cities, but not here. I would love that and would definitely use it. I am glad you had such a nice visit with your brother. How is Barker’s singing coming along?

I’m hoping to get some flowers planted before it is too late. Everytime I plan to work in the garden something comes up. This should be a good week to get that done with the temperatures so mild. I will have to be careful what I plant though. Our aussie shepherd mix who has Lymphoma has taken to eating various plants around the yard. He has never done that before, and this just started since his dx and since he started taking prednisone. He has eaten all of my trumpet vines he could reach – but he’s doing so well they sure aren’t doing him any harm.

I hope everyone has a good Monday and it is the start to an even better week.

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It rained all day today. The weatherman says it will rain until Saturday. This is crazy, it is mid June and I have only made it to the beach twice!!! I NEED sun!! Well, nothing to do today in the rain, so I spent the day eating all the food that was delivered by the grocery store yesterday! At this rate the truck will have to come every other day! It must be the steroids, I just keep eating and eating!! The grocery delivery went so smoothly. Next week will be even easier, now that we know what we are doing and it was so nice this morning to already know what was for dinner and to know that Charlie didn't have to run out to buy something. (Of course we chose barbecued chicken and now it is pouring out side!)

Today, of course, was another radiation day. I have been having friends taking turns to drive me in and it has been a very nice "visiting" time with them. They get to ask me questions about this disease and about my faith, which I hope puts them more at ease and which I know helps me to talk about it. I also went to speak to our pastor about all of this today. Our Pastor of many many years retired in February, so now when I really need someone I feel close to we have an interim Pastor. I like him very much, but he is an ex bishop and very much set in his ideas. He turned down some of my memorial service ideas, which leaves me some things to think about. I am not afraid to put my foot down about the important pieces even if it means not having my memorial in the church. I am glad we talked though, it gave me things to ponder!

Diane, Barker is learning new tunes, but they seem to be made up! He sings them with such joy and gusto though, he cracks me up!! He loved my brother, I think he might be a "man's" bird. Still haven't gotten him to come out though, he likes his nice safe cage!

I am so glad your dog didn't get sick on the Trumpet Vine, I was always told that they were very poisonous. I always wanted some, but was afraid to plant them. Our neighbor got an Aussie mix a couple of months ago. He is so cute, he comes over and waits at the door for my old Golden to come out to play, but poor old Sean just can't keep up with him!

Last night some friends had us over for a beautiful picnic dinner by their pond. It turned out to be a little intervention with a group of friends, for my husband who is not coping at all with this latest news and keeps refusing any kind of kind offers of help. I am blessed to have such good friends who cared and stepped in and helped out in such a kind and gentle way. I really think they helped him move forward a little bit. At least by the end of the night I had people planning days to clean and vacuum and do little errands without him getting all upset. Again, I am blessed.

We would love to hear from some of you others out there, I hope your week started out great and if not - that tomorrow is better!!



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Hi I guess I have been MIA after saying that we need to keep this going. I have been pretty busy and when I get a free minute I get too lazy to do much.

Our Blast from the past 50s party is next Friday so I have really been spending a lot of time on that putting things on a flash drive to show on the tv and also printing things for the big board in our rec room that we use for decorations. Also Making up questions for a quiz. All very time consuming.

I have also been trying to walk or exercise a little each day and sometimes both. Nothing to make you get serious about losing weight that seeing yourself in a video!

Temperature here Saturday was 112 today the high was 73. Sure do love this weather today. Now time to go out and see who is out to play latter golf. Hope you are both feeling alright Janet and Diane. Will try to keep up better. Have a good evening.

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