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Supposed to be in the 70s today and sunny. Janet, sure wish I could ship some of this sunshine to you so you can enjoy the beach. I grew up on the east coast and I don’t remember it raining much in June – of course my memory IS getting old and rusty. I’m sorry your pastor left. After 10 years with a pastor I just couldn’t warm up to, we got a new pastor and vicar two years ago that I just loved. For some unknown reason however they are both being moved July 1 to new parishes and we are getting yet 2 new priests. Just when you get used to things! I have met a few like your ex-bishop, and they are definitely set in their ways. I hope he comes around. You are indeed blessed with special friends and I am glad you will be getting some help. It’s great you are supporting your local grocery store – I’ve done my share to support mine. Went to the doctor today and she was shocked to realize I’d gained 8 lbs in the past 8 weeks. I finally have the prednisone down to a small enough level I can pass the refrigerator without eating half of the contents but unfortunately my clothes now just barely fit so I need to reverse this trend fast or prepare to buy a new wardrobe :(

I checked, and you are right about the trumpet vines. I feel awful, but Cody seems to feel great – and at this point there isn’t a leaf left on the plant that he can reach. There aren’t any flowers yet (and from what I googled it seems they may be the worst of the plant) but now that I know I’ll make sure he doesn’t start on the roots too. Thanks for the heads up! Makes me wonder what else I may have lurking out there . Most of the plants were here when we bought the house and I’m not sure what some of them are – guess I better get out my garden book and do some research.

Lily, sounds like your 50’s party is going to be wonderful and I hope your neighbors appreciate all the hard work you are doing. I can’t believe you were cooler than we were yesterday – that doesn’t happen often but sure glad you got to enjoy it after the hot weekend you had.

I have an appt with the eye doctor today. I hate having those drops put in my eyes, but I am way overdue and I’m having to squint to see anything. My left eye is the worst and makes me see double but I’ve found I can still see well enough to drive if I close my left eye – but that doesn’t seem like a good long-term solution so guess I will have to spring for some new glasses.

Eric, Alan, Michelle, and anyone else out there, please drop in if you can and let us know what you’re up to. Hope things are going great.

Happy Tuesday!

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Well, it is raining again! It rained all morning, and then as soon as radiation was over, the sun came out, but I of course, fell asleep! I slept from 1-5 and now it is pouring again!! I do think this is an unusual June, usually I have been at the beach and am nicely toasted by now. Hopefully tomorrow I will make it there, at least for a little while, even if I sleep while I am there!

I am sorry to worry you about the trumpet vines Diane, my mother in law's house was covered with them and I always loved them, but was warned not to have them around children. They are so beautiful though! My garden is coming slowly but surely, it has been a work in progress for many years now, with hurricanes periodically setting us back to the beginning!

The store that delivers is, unfortunately the big chain around here. Our little local store is about the size of my living room, and although the meat is amazing, it is a bit too pricey to shop there for everything! It is a nice service though, I go right on line, order what I want and then it just shows up. I am on steroids now too, so having all this food in the house is dangerous! I just finished off another Klondike bar! I have two weddings to go to in the next month, I have small sized outfits to wear to each, I hope I don't blow it!

Lily, as always I marvel at your busy life here and on Face Book! I can't wait to see pictures of the fifties party! I missed the fifties, being born in 59, but was always intrigued by the time. Your complex is so lucky to have you there! I can't believe how much hotter it is there than here, we haven't gotten up to 80 yet, I don't think?! Be careful with all your walking, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

And Diane - driving with one eye shut is never a good idea, get yourself to the eye doctor!!

It was another slow day here, thanks to radiation, hope you all did something fun and enjoyed your day to the fullest!!

Peace, Janet

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Good Evening Everyone,

Sorry to have been MIA of late,think Lillian said it well,about being too busy to post too tired to do so when time becomes available.I have been following the posts most days,so I am keeping up with you all.

These last days,the weather in Scotland has been super,so if I am not gymming,swimming and yoga-ing,working at my front of house job,I have been relaxing in my back yard,reading or doing my su doku,which I have become a bit of a fanatic about,working my way up through the different levels of difficulty,now struggling with fiendish and super fiendish levels in the London Times.Sitting in my chair in the sun,with only my shorts on,has left my front beetroot red,whereas my back is still lily white,I do look a bit rediculous in my trunks at my clubs swimming pool,subject to funny comments from my friends,think I will now have to lie face down in the sun now to get an even balance of beetroot.Problem is, this is Scotland,the rain has returned for the next few days it seems.

I did my charity walk around Millport a week last Saturday,with all those lovely girls,the sun shone at the outset,so I got lots of pics of everyone arriving and setting off in our coaches,however,by the the time we stated to walk around the Isle the clouds gathered and it got cold,then finally started to rain.Funny thing happened to me,two years ago,I was given some freebies from Dr Jack of cancergrace at the end of my walk around Lincoln Park in Seattle,one of the gifts was a wee plastic bag,which I considered contained a Plastic Mac,I kept this in my haversack with me ever since,so when the rain started,I opened my plastic bag,only to reveal,a plastic shopping bag,this brought howls of laughter from my friends.At the end of our 11 mile walk,the sun decided to re-show itself,I sometimes think God plays little tricks on me.

Oh a wee bit of Peyton Place to share with you,some of you longer term readers of my previous posts will be aware of my wife's little problem with alcohol,well it has continued to the point I have decided to separate from her,after forty years of marriage the last twenty years coping with her alcoholism, all the support she has received from myself,family, friends employers,not forgetting councilling,rehab etc,etc,she has stubbornly refused to change her habits.So my life is in a bit of flux just now,I has'nt quite reached the lawyer stage yet,I am thinking about finding new separate homes for both of us,rent or buy ??,we have social housing in the UK,I am not sure if you have such a thing in the USA?,basically the Local Councils provide rented accommodation for families within their districts at an affordable rent,much below private rentals.My initial thoughts were to have Sally becoming a tenant in a sheltered home,that is,a type provided for people who have some difficulty looking after themselves,but not serious enough to merit placing in a care or nursing home.They have a communal emphasis,recreation rooms,where tenants came meet socially,play cards or board games and the like,watch TV.There are full time staff who are caretakers for the tenants,who can support them,with shopping,money,personal,or health problems etc.So I completed the application forms for Sally,with her full awareness and permission,she even signed the forms much to my relief.We did get some days afterwards,a health visitor to discuss Sally's application,downside was,despite her severe mobility problems and alcoholism,she did'nt have enough points to qualify for not just a sheltered house,but any council house.Big problem is we are owner occupiers and have savings.So back to the drawing board,private renting ,or buying?,my search continues.My daughter is giving us both great support to see us through these difficult times,I do believe my decision to separate is the correct one.

Getting tired,so I bid you all goodnight,enjoy the rest of Tuesday everyone.

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