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My introduction


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I'm a 65 year old grandfather of one, father of four grown children, married for 43 years this past week. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis 30 years ago, lung cancer just over four years ago. Following a right pneumonectomy, I was NED for two years. A cloudy mass was noticed in late 2011, and it grew slightly for a while. It is now more aggressively trying to take over the LUL. I am currently refusing any invasive testing, considering the risks greater than the possible benefits. My treatment options are limited-stereotactic radiation comes and goes as my only "curative" option. I just started a second opinion process at the Cleveland Clinic-my primary center is the James Cancer Center at Ohio State.

I attended Lungevity's HOPE Summit in early May-a great experience and one I recommend to all survivors. I look forward to participating in this message board.

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Hi there!

I missed the HOPE Summit this year, but was in attendence the previous two years. A great event, and an excellent opportunity to be able to interact in person with so many people who know what kind of experience living with lung cancer can be.

It's great that you've come to the message board as well-if we can't 'talk' in person, at least we have the convenience of a message board.

keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing!


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Hi there,

Just joining the "Welcome Wagon". Even tho none of us likes the fact that we have a reason to be here, glad you found us. I was at the Summit this year... most would remember me as "The crazy purple lady" if they noticed me at all LOL!!

I hope they get things nailed down for you.

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