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My experience with only hospitalization in 72 years


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This length of stay in the hospital (Tampa General Hospital) is debilitating, dehumanizing, and emasculating. Overall when I was allowed to leave I felt like a Nazi POW just liberated from Auschwitz by the U.S. troops in 1945.. The bright spots were Rhonda’s devotion, the outstanding attentiveness of one nurse (whom we nominated for a special award), the support and prayers of family and friends, and my surgeon, Dr. Sommers, whose credentials and professional experience in this highly specialized branch of surgery are literally unparalleled. I was also impressed with his generous collegiality, his deep concern for doing all the right things, his follow-through, and his command of his support staff in the hospital.

The remaining team of doctors is equally outstanding; Dr. Tang, my oncologist, Dr. Kumar, my pulmonologist, and of course our dear Dr. Jude Pierre, our primary care physician. The cultural diversity of my A-team merely underscores the stupidity of racism.

This has been a life-altering experience. Dr. Sommers left 80% of my lungs intact but removed the cancer and two metastasized local sites, leaving clean margins (i.e., he got it all). Except for my love of Rhonda and the children, I would have refused the surgery. This has been the most difficult and meaningful investment in my life. But I will make it and be around a long time. I promised Rhonda 40 years and we have 33 to go. I will make good on that promise.

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Sounds like you had an excellent outcome and a great medical team. Congratulations! I hope you and Rhonda have many many more years! We love good news here - thank you for joining the club none of us wanted to belong to and sharing it. I hope you will come back and let us know how things are going.

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