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Another year.


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Its now 3 lonely years since Pat so suddenly left without a last goodbye. Her cancer ravaged body could take no more and the Lord said enough and took her to heaven to be with him pain and sickness free.

Time has eased the rough edges of the wound but it has not gone away. Think about her everydayand a tear still falls when i look at some of the photos.

Being alone most of the time here in Ghana doesnt always make things easier. All the other chaps are just work friends and nit easy to confide in them when things are hurting.

I know I havent posted for some time. its not that I dont care for the loving group of people here but working hours are long and theres not much off time. I will try and keep everyone posted on the doings of the past months

Love you all and thanks for always being there.


From the jungles of Ghana

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is good to hear from you and glad your getting along as best you can right now... Hang in there and we are always here when and if you need us !!

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We understand what you are going through as many of us are in the same place. I too still have tough days. It's been almost 4 yrs since my husband went to heaven and I still shed tears each and everyday. It does get easier yes, and I'm hoping for more days when I can think of him and just smile without the pain. I hope the same for you dear one ((hugs))

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