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It was 100 yesterday and it’s supposed to go up to 107 by Tuesday --- NOT normal for us at all. Last year we didn’t hit 100 even once, let alone in June! Lily – I know it’s even hotter where you are so I hope you are staying cool as you can. I wouldn’t mind so much except for how it affects my breathing. I wind up being stuck in the house all day and I really hate that – I love being outdoors. Janet, I hope your fatigue is letting up a bit and you are getting to spend many hours enjoying the beach. I’m still trying to figure out where June went – July 4th is next week already and then summer will be half over and it’s going way too fast.

I was too busy last week to drop by much. Evidently the other 2 ACS drivers have taken the summer off and at the moment that just leaves me. Even though I can’t take care of all of the requests, I have been driving more than usual (since I’m still on the Prednisone it is at least keeping me away from the refrigerator – a good thing). Many of the patients lately live in the rural areas and it seems many are 40 minutes or so out of town - so with two round-trips to and from treatment it can make for a long day. I remember we considered moving further out at one time, and now I am really glad we didn’t. I know how miserable it was having to get dressed and get to treatment and radiation when you are already sick – and I was only a mile from the hospital!! I can’t imagine having to do that with such a long trip in and back, especially on a winding two-lane road when you’re already nauseated. :cry:

Michelle I can’t imagine such a small town as 600 people – especially after coming from California like you did. I consider where I live to be small because I grew up in the Wash. DC suburbs – but we are around 60,000 --- a huge metropolis in comparison to 600. We don’t have all the amenities you’d have in a city --- we’ve been told we will never get a Nordstrom :cry: – but we have most of the things a city has, just less of it. We have a mall – albeit a small one. We have a Costco, THREE Super Walmarts (I still can’t figure that out), and just one multi-plex movie theater, etc., and not least lots of good restaurants). I think it feels smaller because the closest large cities are Sacramento (6 hours south) and Portland (5 hours north) so if you do want major shopping or medical centers they are not just 30 miles away.

On a good note our son and his wife have reconciled and he has moved back home. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well.

What does everyone have planned for the 4th? Hope you are all staying cool wherever you are.

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Good Evening Everyone,

I do enjoy summer weather,fortunately I think,we dont get temperatures of over 100 degrees,sixties/seventies are norm, if we hit the eighties in the UK,it makes the headlines.I did visit Malta and Crete,where the temps were over 100 daily,enjoyable for a fortnights holiday,but a relief going home,I dont know how anyone can work in these temps?.

Nursing a real stinker of a cold,taking lemsips,not only that I have developed a eye infection,my upper eyelid is tender to touch,and my eye feels like I have a piece of grit in it,I got drops from the pharmacy,who advised me to visit my Doc,if the infection has'nt cleared up in a couple of days.

I enjoyed my walk around Glasgow on Friday evening,I was a stewart on the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Dreamwalk along with approx 300 women,which was a bit down on the 500 we had last year?,seems there are so many charity walks now,the novelty factor may be wearing thin?.I did take loads of pics and posted them into facebook.

Front of house duty last night,another dance school,think thats the last one,dont think I will get much theatre work in July and August.I am on duty for the churches summer school for the kids each morning next week,I have so much fun playing games with the children,well I would,still being a big kid myself.I will pick up in great nephew Max,I brought him along last summer and he really enjoyed himself.Downside, I will miss my Gym buddies next week,particularly,going out for lunch with them to Wotherspoons on Thursday and Friday.

Outdoor lawn bowling to-morrow night,hope the rain stays away.Wednesday afternoon pick up Sheila and off to the lung cancer support group meeting,we have moved our digs,from the boardroom in Stobhill Hospital to the Marie Curie Hospice,which is in the Stobhills grounds,so not far to travel.Its a newly built hospice,really beautiful,everyone of the staff treat us so well,laying on tea,coffee and biccies,or cookies as you would say.

Well thats it,my week ahead,the order book fairly full,if the weather holds,I might grab some afternoon sitting out back,reading and doing my su doki.Gosh I love summer.

Goodnight everyone,enjoy the rest of today,bye.

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Katie, we got him at Canine Rescue of Central Pa. Sue is VP there. Non-profit, no kill shelter. He came with the name Rocket which didn't work for me. So he's Roger. He responds to Whitey also. And Roger Nagurski too. I can't see the pic on IPad. Duh?

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