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Persistent Soft Tissue


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My 4-mo scan was this week after being declared 'cancer-free' last Spring. There are no hot-spots. However, it was labled 'abnormal' as there is 'Persistent Soft Tissue at the surgical site'. I was told previously that it was scar tissue. I've also been told it could be other tissue or lung tissue trying to fill in the void. The dr and his review board will meet on Wed to discuss it and then tell me their opinion/recommendations. Has anyone else also experienced this and what was done if anything? Thanks :)

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I have something similar at the site of my tumor. At one point the scans showed that it was larger and they thought it was progression, but then it seemed to shrink some and they have just taken a watch and see approach. Even now, 4 years after treatment, they will only say that I am 'stable' because they don't know for sure what is going on there. The hope is that it's scar tissue of course. At the time this became a concern I was enrolled in a clinical trial. If they had determined it was progression, I would have been out of the trial and my oncologist didn't want that to happen - so the choice was made not to pursue a biopsy etc.

I know this can be pretty unnerving - most of us deal better with facts not "it could be this or it could be that", but sometimes when it comes to cancer it seems that is all we have. I hope your doctors can give you some definitive information and you can put this to rest quickly and get on with enjoying your life. Please keep us posted.


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I will be praying that it is just scar tissue! I had docs telling me "maybe scar tissue but gotta watch" a few times too. When the PET didn't light up, a yelled YAY SCARS!! LOL My next appointment had to be delayed cuz I am going thru some insurance issues so I will be able to wait til September before I get all scan crazy again. Hope you get some Yay Scars info soon too!!



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