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Preparing a bag for treatment


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Prepare a Treatment Bag (Add your suggestions for what helps you to this thread)

Many cancer patients prepare a special tote bag or backpack to bring along to treatment sessions. Include items that will provide comfort and entertainment during treatment, such as:

Sweater and comfortable clothes

Music player, headphones and favorite music

Blanket and pillow

Reading materials

Crossword puzzles or other activities

Deck of cards

Lip balm

Body lotion

Calming teas like peppermint

Notepad or journal and pen

Bootie socks

Cookies, crackers or other snacks

Stress ball

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Great list Katie - I can't think of much to add. Maybe knitting or crochet. One of the best things to bring - a friend (family member). It's not always possible - but I always thought it helped more than anything. I had friends who worked, but would arrange to come spend their lunch hour and it was always such a lift to see a friendly face walk through the door.

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As young as I am at 55 years, when I was going through chemo with my colon cancer,  brought my stuffed dog who is a Beagle that I could hold. It brought me comfort and made me feel better. I did not care that anyone may have thought I was crazy or whatever.

Whatever makes you feel good, you should bring with you.

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