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eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Hope you are all well enjoying the summer weather,we are having one of the best summers weather for quite a few years,so I am sporting a super tan,I just love this time of the year.

I am just home from the hospital following my six monthly check up,we dont do CT scans as a follow up in the UK,just an x-ray,well the good news is I am still NED,my next check up in February, will be my last,since I have passed the 5 years survivor limit.

I have an entry date for Sally's new home on the 16th August,I had to cash in some investments to pay for the flat,my financial advisor let me down a bit,telling me this process would take three working days to transfer monies into my bank account,the company I have investments in mailed me to say it will take 14 days as from the date on this letter (31st July),so I am on tenterhooks hoping I will make the cheque passing over deadline.I have been busy applying for government financial support funding for Sally,fortunately the UK is one of the more enlightened countries for welfare benefits,she have been successful in getting disability living allowance,just for your interest,its £536/month ($800 approx),I have also put in for carers allowance,which gives me some money to support Sally,provided I can provide Sally with 35 hours support/week.If successful,this will be about £280/month ($420),it will be paid directly into my bank account,I will simply transfer this into Sally's account.Another benefit I have discovered is Employment Support Allowance,this is aimed at those persons who are of working age,but are unable to do so through ill health.I completed all the application forms for these benefits,and supplimentary evidence required,doctors reports,pensions received,earnings etc,so fingers crossed that my applications are successful,the Employment Support Allowance I think is approx £560/month so Sally should be well provided for financially.She is understandably apprehensive about moving into her new home,but I will do my best to reassure her she is not being abandoned,and provide her with as much support I can.

I am still busy doing my front of house work,Saturday last,big wedding in the Airdrie Theatre,I started at 2.00pm finished at 1am,it was a long shift,thankfully these are quite rare.Lung Cancer support group tomorrow,Thursday,I have to entertain young Max (7) for the day,his Mum works Thursdays,and Max is on School vacation,so its off to the Time Capsule,its a hugh swimming baths complex,then off to McDonalds for lunch,then Monsters Uni and the Showcase Cinema,I tell you my days with Max is certainly lightening my wallet,be glad when he returns to school in two weeks time, although I have to say,Max is such fun,he is worth every penny spent.

Time to go,Katie please dont close the Air,I know things a bit lean just now,we have lost so many regulars,and it is summer we are all busy outdoors.Bye everyone for now.

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