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Wednesday's air


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Just stopping in to say hi. After going on about how we need to keep this forum going I seem to be the one who has let it down. My only excuse is that I tend to take on too much and when I get some free time I get lazy and don't want to do anything.

A lot of activities here that I am in charge of and have had some personal things going on as well, both good and bad. Car trouble has been the bad and dealing with a few people who have problems is another but I am hoping all of that is finally over. The good is that I have 2 more great grandbabies born in the past 3 weeks and I will be going to Louisiana next March instead of for the holidays because my grandson will be getting married. It promises to be a very nice occasion taking place at Oak Alley Plantation. I am happy for them both they are a really good couple.

This morning I met 2 friends from school for breakfast, one that I hadn't seen in about 52 years. We had a great time and are planning our trip to the picnic in October. Sure is nice to have someone to share so many memories with. Well I think I will play around with the computer for a while then watch the ballgame tonight. I was going to sew on the lap quilts that we are making for the nursing homes but it is late in the day for that. I have Saturday free so will work on them then. I hope you are all doing well. Dianne I know you had a lot of smoke up your way and we have had it here too. My friend that I met for breakfast lives just outside of Medford I am thinking that is pretty close to you. She said it was cooler her this morning that up there. That doesn't happen often. Take care everyone and stay safe.

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