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Friday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Its good to be back,hope you are all well,the weather here in Scotland has certainly changed since my last post,more autumnal,cooler,shorter daylight hours,now back to wearing a pullover on top of my polo shirts,next it will be wearing jackets too.

Sally should have been moving into her new home tomorrow,however,we got a phone call from the furniture store a couple of days ago, to tell us they cannot deliver her major furniture pieces until the 25th of September,not their fault of course,its the manufacturers.This is the second delivery they have let us down with,take my advice,don’t shop at Argos,they apparently are sending me some vouchers as compensation,wonder if I can use them in another store LOL.

My daughter Jennifer has organised a special party for me,its my 5th anniversary of surviving lung cancer,it will be held in the function room of my indoor bowling club on the 12th of October,we are expecting about 100 guests,you are of course all invited to attend,it should be a wonderful night,so looking forward to it.I did’nt have to get involved with any of the organisational side of things,all my daughter asked me to do was pay the caterers bill,typical,my wallet just keeps getting lighter these days.

Saturday last was the outdoor bowling club finals,I had to play against nine other players,surprisingly I won 7 games lost two,my score got me into the final,which I lost,however I did get me £10 prize money,wow,where’s my trophy? I enquired,sorry Eric there is’nt one for the runner up only the winner,is’nt that ridiculous?well as vice president,thats an item for the agenda of our next meeting,no trophy indeed.I still have a quarter final tie to play in the singles in another comp,as well a final in the pairs,we had to play in the semi-finals for that place,but one of our opponents has gone into hospital with kidney stones ,so we got a “by”.

I was greatly saddened to hear of Janets recent passing,we shared so many posts here to-gether,we have lost so many of our stars in LCSC,Janet certainly contributed so much here for our readers I know she brought them,support, love and warmth,not forgetting her humour and charm,I will so miss her,good night Janet,God Bless.

Bye friends for now,wishing you a super weekend.

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Eric – it was so nice to see the “air” open today, so thought I’d join you although I can’t begin to keep up with your busy life. It sounds as though things are going pretty well over there, notwithstanding the furniture snafu. Sure wish I could be at the 5-year party your daughter is hosting to celebrate your amazing survival – I know it will be a very special event (and what are parents for if not to pay the caterers?).

It is still really hot here, and that’s very unusual, but it should be cooler next week. Everyone keeps telling me that we are going to have an early Fall but since I spent the last of July and all of August holed up to avoid the smoke I am not ready to bring out the sweaters just yet!

I’m hoping we will be able to go to our son’s in Portland next week for salmon fishing. As many years as we’ve lived in Oregon and as many times as my husband has gone salmon fishing, he’s never caught a salmon! All of his friends are convinced if he goes out fishing with them, he’ll get one for sure - but no such luck. It’s sort of become this quest every year for Chuck to catch a salmon and I guess the run this year is the best in a long time. Could this be the year? We can only hope. Happily some friends do have the knack so we get to eat fresh salmon quite a bit. I don’t actually go fishing when we go up. I do like to fish, although I don’t really care if I catch anything just like being on the water and enjoying the beautiful scenery – but this is too many guys on too small a boat so I just tour the wineries or hit the shops!

Seems to be lots of new cancer patients lately needing rides so I’ve been busy driving. I’ve met the nicest people. It’s really nice when you start driving a patient before treatment starts and then all the way through treatment so you really get to know them and many stay in touch post-treatment. It also helps me keep things in perspective and reminds me how lucky I am to have gone this long without active treatment.

We have been watching our three youngest grandchildren every Wednesday to give their parents a break. They are two boys (3 and 2), and a girl (11 months). It is great fun and we love it – of course the next morning I can barely get out of bed :)

I hope everyone has a glorious weekend.

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Two thumbs up on your 5 years Eric, that's fantastic. I hope your new living arrangements work out well for the both of you. I know I used to have a major drinking problem for about 15 years and I really didn't think it effected anyone but myself. It wasn't until a few years of sobriety that I realized all the worry and concern I caused others. Diane, I hope you have a great time salmon fishing even if you don't fish. Sometimes I think a good day out in the sun makes me feel better mentally and physically than anything. I just happen to read your story at the bottom of your post Diane. Very inspiring to me. I always just figured after having my lung removed that if I were to have a recurrence that there really wouldn't be much they could do but your story proves otherwise. Very inspiring indeed! I know I don't stop and post much anymore and it makes me feel guilty because I remember how valuable this site was to me when I was diagnosed. There have been so many losses the last few years and a lot of the older members don't post anymore. I hope this site survives and will be there for the newly diagnosed. Eric and Diane and any who may be lurking I hope you have a wonderful week.

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Hi there

Little late replying but better late than never.

Eric, congratulations on hitting that 5 year mark. Everyone keeps talking about that anniversary and it really does take a little weight off your shoulders.

Great to see you here Mike. I've missed you turning the light off. Like you I haven't been posting as much either. A few too many losses I think and just needed a break. I still visit almost every day and read the post and then I find myself looking through at some of the friends that were so helpful when I joined in 2007 who are no longer here . Take care.

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