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Nothing has changed !


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This past Tuesday went for my maintenance chemo and to discuss the results of my latest scan. As you all know the anticipation of the results of a scan can weigh on ones mind. Should know by now that worrying about the results is never going to change them. I have been reading a lot of the your posts and realize we all go through the same. I have tried to count the number of CAT scans, MRI's and PETscans I have had over the more than four years since learning of my cancer and find it impossible because most of varied spans between. The results Tuesday were in my mind good, nothing has changed, no growth and nothing new. I am on maintenance chemo, three week cycle and truth is very lucky that there are no side effects. With the use of the steroids it tends to up my appetite so here I am trying to fight with my weight. A cancer patient worried about gaining weight.

It may not seem like it but I feel truly blessed and hope to live for another 100 years. Thanks for letting me ramble and thanks for being here.

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Very good news! No change is great, and how wonderful that you are handling the maintenance treatment so well. I know the struggle with the weight due to steroids - I think there are more of us cancer patients out there than we realize who are gaining not losing. First time in my life my doctor says "don't worry about it" - :)


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