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On edge--mom's scan is tomorrow


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Does anyone else get cranky, irritable and feel ill when it is scan week for their loved one? Tomorrow will be the FIRST scan my mom has had since treatment started. The only quantative thing we know is CEA went down.

I am jumping out of my skin. I am cranky. I even look depressed. I went for my wedding dress fitting today and my mom saw it on my face no matter how hard I tried. Of course it does not help when my bridal dress consultant told me how much she loves my mom and broke down crying to me, but did not want to do it to my mom ;)

We get the results on Friday at oncologist visit. TOo bad I cannot be right there in the tech booth when it is done! AAAHH!!

Done whining. Thank you :)

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I think you would be crazy if you weren't on edge. I think the only time more stressful for me than waiting for results are the times when we have tried to decide on which treatment plan is best. Back in June, we had two doctors telling us to have surgery and two telling us not to. That was horrible. But the wait is excruciating because there is little between elation and terror. Here is hoping for two sets of elation.


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Andrea & Jen,

Prayers for both of your moms' to have clean scans. The hardest part is waiting for the results. You are on pins and needles, part of you wants to know and the other part is not wanting to know. Take a deep breath and keep a positive thought...

God Bless and gentle hugs :)


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Andrea and Jen, I just wanted you to know that it is normal to be uptight and tense during check up times...just try to take a breather, and I hope that it helps knowing that we're all here praying for your moms, and for you guys, too.

Take care, and breathe.....deb

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