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Sunday's Air

Bruce u

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Hey folks. Thought I would open up the air today. Great morning on the farm. frost on the ground, sun just peaking over the horizon, and a few leaves falling. Think fall is on the way. Time to get the rest of the vegetables out of the garden and the greenhouse cleaned out for the winter. How are things where you are ?

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Hi Bruce - nice to see you! Like Eric, I love to hear the farm stories. Fall is definitely on its way here as well, and pumpkins everywhere. I hate to see summer end, but do enjoy the fall which is usually our last nice weather before the gray rain arrives for the winter. I hope you will keep us updated on how the training goes with the new colt. I'm really a city girl, but bought a colt from a friend (just born) with the idea of how much fun it would be to train him. And it was . . . right up until it got bigger than me! :D Fortunately my friend bought him back - so no loss and I did have lots of fun.

Eric, it is so exciting about your party -- hope there are lots of pictures to share. I am not surprised you were recognized for your photos -- you are quite talented and I always enjoy them, but especially enjoyed the pictures of your trip to Montana.

We never did make it to Portland for salmon fishing. Instead took the RV to the coast for a week. Didn't do much, some shopping and lighthouse tours. Seemed like we were eating all the time and found some wonderful new restaurants. I am determined that we make the time to do that more often. Even the dog seemed to love it. Rained a couple of days, but otherwise the weather was gorgeous. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Oregon, so we really don't have to go very far - just need to get out of our rut.

Happy weekend everyone!

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