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Wednesday Air

Bruce u

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Morning folks

Mr. Byrne, so nice of you to give us a lesson on Scottish words. No idea of what they mean though...I have enough trouble with English. LOL

Eric you definitely lead a busy lifestyle. I think you must be busier now than when you were working full time. The Proclaimers. Didn't they sing a song called " 500 miles " ?

It is getting cooler here for sure. Had to scrape the frost off the wndshield this morning. Too early for that. Well it is Thanksgiving this weekend. So turkey it will be.

Any plans for the weekend Diane ?

I am sure there must be a few of the senior members that are reading but not posting. How about Ginnyde ? Fillise ? Muriel ?

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Good morning! I agree with Eric - it is really nice to see the air open again. I hope a few people will join us. I know Lillian is traveling now, but hopefully she'll drop in when she can. I know Facebook takes up a lot of time for some.

I looked up firstfoot.com, and it's fascinating - especially liked the Proverbs. Wow - the Scots have a proverb for everything - must be hundreds! As a mother-in-law, I wanted to know what "A mither-in-law is best in the kirkyaird" meant . . . turns out a "kirkyaird" is a cemetery!! :shock: I could get hooked on these. Some are easy enough to figure out - but others not so much. Eric - what in the world does "Corbies an clergy is kittle shot" mean?

Bruce, I had forgotten that Thanksgiving is celebrated earlier there. I wish it were here as well. I would prefer to have more time between Thanksgiving and Xmas. This year Thanksgiving is even later than usual. Eric, I hope Sally's furniture finally arrives as promised. I know your party will be really amazing - celebrate! Our anniversary dates are pretty close I think. It will be 5 years for me on 11/4, so I will definitely be celebrating along with you in spirit.

Since we are supposed to have sun this weekend, I want to try to get the yard cleaned up for winter. Once it starts to rain it makes everything so messy it's impossible. Next week my cousin is coming to the Shakespearean Festival we have here in Ashland. She is in charge, but I think the plays she's chosen are Taming of the Shrew and King Lear. I try, but truth be told I'm not the most ardent Shakespeare fan - I'm going to see Mama Mia and Hair after the first of the year and they are more my 'cup of tea', but hopefully they wiil be good and it will be fun to see her anyway.

Happy hump day!

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You know Diane, I've been absent on here as well for awhile just taking a break, reading but not posting. But I joined this site in 2007 just after my diagnosis and surgery. It was really my lifeline meeting friends who were also walking in these shoes. Asking questions and getting answers. Now it almost feels like a homecoming for me. Hopefully a few of the other senior members will come on home as well.

I have to go to the post office and I have been trying to avoid that for the last month ! The last time I was there I was taking some cold medication. Well I had registered mail so I went to the counter and the lady gave me my envelope. I turned and began walking toward the door and was looking at the envelope trying to figure out what it was. Well I guess with the medication ( my excuse ) and not paying attention, I walked into the glass wall !!!! My ball cap fell off and I heard the lady at the counter say " Oh my. " I just picked up my cap and hurried out. Well guess I gotto go back and face the music. LOL

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