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Saturday's Air

Bruce u

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Well it is Saturday but no day off here. I have a surveyor coming today to do some aerial surveying for me. They are using drones now. I guess they are not that expensive and the survey is alot more accurate than a regular land survey or a high altitude survey done by plane. Will be interesting to see.

Mike great to see you turned out the light. Thank you. Funny how you remember those little things and they just make you feel good. Told you it is just like coming home again.

Now if some of the other senior members would say hi. Even a PM if you are lurking but not posting. Would be nice to know how everyone is doing.

Can anyone remember the person who started the "Air" ?

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Bruce - I looked it up and the first one I can find that is really titled "Air" was on Friday, 12/6/08 by Denise (Flyman35). I had joined just the month before but was just starting treatment and really wasn't even lurking at that point.

It would be nice if everyone would just post once to let us know they are still out there and doing well. Someone started a thread at one point just for people to check in. Randy, if you're out there do you know which one I'm talking about?

Was supposed to be nice today - but they lied and its been raining all day. Survey by drone - pretty cool idea. Does someone still come out and put in stakes??

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No stakes required Diane. It only took maybe 30 minutes to do 160 acres. A regular survey would have gotten 6000 contol points, this survey got 1.2 million. So alot more accurate.

The first "airs" that I can remember were done by a guy who worked on the oil rigs. When he wasn't available to do the daily air, Judy in KW started doing them.

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My memory is the same as yours Bruce. Seems like his first name was Will. I think it was Judy in KW that really got it to fly tho. Nice day here in Nebraska,the wind finally let up a little. Im thinking about getting a part-time job somewhere and see how that goes. If I can keep my oxygen levels up I feel I am healthy enough of doing something. To be honest Im ashamed to tell people Im on disability. Its not that I feel I don't qualify and I do believe its a great program but their are so many out there who have figured out how to hustle the system and there is nothing wrong with them. It irks me when I see all the lawyers on tv encouraging people to sign up so they can make some bucks off it also. Anyway I quess that's my peeve for the day. I hope you all have a nice Sunday! Im gonna try to mow my yard and Im hoping that will be all it needs it for the season. :D Goodnight all (click).

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