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Hi Katie - nice to see you on the air today.

Our weather this week looks phenomenal (sunny in the 70s) so I'm trying to spend as much time outdoors as I can. This makes up a little bit for all the smoke we had this summer that kept everyone inside. I'm worried about my friend I had lunch with yesterday. I've mentioned before that her bucket list is to try all sorts of new restaurants and dishes - but yesterday she mentioned that she has no appetite any longer and food has no taste. I'm concerned she has developed this cachexia (not sure of spelling) that Randy has mentioned. It seems when that starts it can be a real downhill process.

Chuck and I have been talking about fostering dogs from the shelter. Has anyone done that - and how did it go? I had thought about this off and on for a long time, but it seemed too much for us with two large dogs already. Since we lost one of them in August to cancer, I've been thinking about it more. I just think it's such a great thing to do, but am really worried about getting too attached and not thinking any of the prospective adopters would be good enough.

Would love to see some of the older regulars drop in, even if just occasionally. And it would be really great to see some new people and hear how everyone is doing.

Hope it's a beautiful Tuesday for everyone.

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Sorry to hear about your friend Diane. Hopefully it is something else that will get better.

a good friend of mine passed away this morning. He was diagnosed after I was and whenever he was having a bad day he would drop into my work for a chat.

really windy here today and just above freezing. Definitely a fall day and you can feel the snow in the air.

I think adopting animals from a shelter is great. I have my name on a list to adopt some horses. They are either taken from a owner that was abusing them or they are too old and the owner doesn't want them anymore.

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Bruce - Windy and just above freezing does not qualify as a "fall day" for me . . . that would be the middle of winter here in Southern Oregon. Guess I should not complain about the weather. LOL

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. It was good that he had you to talk with. People who haven't been there try to understand, but really can't.

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Good Evening Everyone,

I am enjoying a really dry and mild bout of weather here,Octobers are usually wet and windy and quite cold.Taking about cold,I have just developed one since yesterday,been dosing myself with hot Lemsips,my nose is running like a burn,hope this dos'nt develope into that serious illness called Manflu,LOL.

Friday, another day spent at Sally's new flat,the sofas arrived around noon,the delivery window was between 10am to 6pm,so I sat on the new sofa,and waited until 6pm for the bed and kitchen table and chairs,I waited in vain.Irritatingly they text me on my mobile to say if I was testing the firmness of the mattress,could I leave the polythene wrapping on it in case I wanted to return it.Well I visited the store and had a chat with Penny the manageress,its so difficult to take the angry stance with Penny,she is such a lovely person,so sympathetic and charming.She offered to chase up the furniture for perhaps a weekend delivery,I told her to leave it until Monday,I was busy over the weekend.My daughter Jennifer was not impressed with my handling of the situation,and insisted on coming along with me on Monday to Argos.I insisted she would be polite with Penny.After a brief introduction with Penny,Jennifer requested to speak to a more senior person,so she ended up chatting on the phone the the area manager,up shot we will receive £150 in compensation and a committment for the furniture to be delivered by 6pm on Wednesday otherwise the order will be cancelled.Watch this space on Thursday.

Saturday evening,its party time,dressed up to the nines I called a taxi,I guessed I may partake in having a wee amber nectar or two,so the car was being left in the drive.The taxi driver enquired about my occassion,when I told him it was to celebrate surviving LC for five years,he was quite impressed,in fact,when it came to paying my fare,he refused payment rather I would donate the taxi fare to the Roy Castle org,I told him I would also match the fare and send him the receipt.

The party was a really great,sorry you never made it,maybe you can make my 10th year anniversary one?.Midway through the evening,I was sitting at my table,I saw a guy enter the room,he was wearing highland dress,the real McCoy type,they wore centuries ago,he was followed by others,there was no need to have an introduction,it was one of Scotlands most popular bands.I have seen them so many times ,they are known as "Clanadonia",they do a lot of street performances in Glasgow and Edinburgh,the tourists are just wowed by them.How on earth did Jennifer and Chris manage to book them for my party?.Turns out Chris has connections with the band and got them to appear at my party free of charge,is'nt that amazing?.To top it all they asked me to join the band for one of their numbers,fitted me out with a large drum around my waist,and I beat the living daylights out of it,did I enjoy myself?,truely an unforgettable memory for me.I was filmed by Chris and he posted it in facebook,I may try to post it into the members photo album here.

Sunday,busy too,visited my wee sister Dot in the afternoon,evening I was on Front of House duty at Motherwell Theatre,I was a comedy play called Kiss me Honey Honey,about a guy who a is a fan of Shirley Bassey,her songs were played periodically throughout.The guy is using his laptop for online dating,his buddy (another male) would dress up as his female dates,the quality of the acting was superb,as the actor in drag impersonated a range of different female characters.Great to enjoy a nights entertainment and get paid too.

Time to go,goodnight everyone bedtime for me,enjoy the rest of Tuesday.

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Nice to see you open today Katie! Eric, Two thumbs up on the five year mark and many many more to come. Diane and Bruce I am sorry to hear about your friends. I also have a close friend who was dxed with late stage gall bladder cancer. He says he doesn't want chemo or treatment and I cant say I blame him. I wish my faith was as strong as his. He doesn't seem to be the least bit frightened about his prognosis. He says when the good Lord is ready for him that he will be ready to go and that he plans on enjoying his time left the very best he can. For some reason this has seemed like Sunday to me all day long. I have had a toothache and all I have wanted to do is sleep. Tommorrow I need to get my butt to a denist. I been hoping it would go away on its own but I don't think that's gonna happen. Have a good Wenesday everyone! :D

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