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This one is for ShirleyB


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Thank you, we think so! :wink: I'm on my way out to L.A. today and will be away from the board for a few days..send Rick your most positive "daddy" vibes as he will be all alone (adult wise) and doing everything for a few days!

Wanted to post this picture of Kennedy with her new quilt that Shirley surprised us with last week. It suits her perfectly I think!


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what a little doll----and a beautiful quilt---don't worry ---we will check in and make sure Rick is taking care of everything!!!!!! I am sure he will do fine---after all if he can deliver a baby---he can do anything :lol::lol::lol:

enjoy your trip if you can!!!!

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What a beautiful little girl and a very beautiful quilt to snuggle under! Both of you deserve to be very proud of your accomplishments! Although I'm sure Katie had more fun creating her masterpiece than Shirley did making the quilt...lol!

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Oh Katie,

Thank you for the beautiful picture. I am so glad she likes her new blankie. It really helped me to be able to make the quilt for such a sweet child and for her mom and dad who have done so much for me just by being who you are and doing what you have done.

Thank you both for sharing the joy of a new baby with all of us.

Much love,


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