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Thursday's Air


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HI friends,

It's been a crazy week. Good news on one patient I'm supporting and it seems like minutes later bad news on another. It's been up and down emotionally for me it seems- all the while gearing up for our first Ohio regional summit that's just a few weeks away. I'm tired. Mentally just tired.

Two folks who have been cancer free for a while have surprisingly discovered they now have brain mets. One just finished brain surgery, another is having hers on Friday. She is about 5 years younger than I am...has fought LC for over 5 years and hasn't really had a chance at life yet. Just sad.

Then some great news of survivors having clean scans and anniversary parties and celebrations! YAY! That helps to balance the hard news.

I hope all of you are doing well this week.

Post an update. Even if you've never posted here before. We want to hear from you!


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I hope I have some news to cheer you up some.

I am nearing 16yrs of lung cancer survival and still cancer free

I am also over 4 weeks post op Left total hip and going to my first outpatient physical therapy appointment this morning. I am walking steadier every day. Will be so happy to when I no longer need a walker or cane.

I am still blessed with wonderful neighbors helping me out.

Hope everyone is a little better every day.

Donna G

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Well Donna I will add to the good news. Got my results back yesterday and still NED 6 years after surgery. Eric just celebrated his 5th anniversary. So any newbies reading, there are good news stories. If you have any questions there may be members on here with similar experiences that can provide the answers.

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Good morning everyone – guess I must have slept late :) . Sorry I didn’t make it yesterday – we had our three youngest grandkids (3, 2 and 1) and by the time they left I was so tired I couldn’t move!

Bruce – Congratulations on 6 years!!! Fantastic news. Donna, there’s not much to say about 16 years but WOW!! I know when I first joined I scoured the boards looking for stories of survivors and must have read many of them dozens of times (especially Donna's) – it was about the only thing that gave me real hope. Seems like we’ve had quite a bit of good news on here lately. Eric, your 5-year party looked absolutely amazing. I did watch your drum debut on you tube and was very impressed – Ringo should look out! I am now 15 years out from my first dx, and on 11/4 it will be 5 years for my second dx, and I hope to add to that.

Katie, I often think how hard it must be to deal with this (cancer) all day, every day. I know progress is so slow it seems like watching grass grow sometimes, but hopefully as more treatments become available and better screening there will be more and more good news and less bad.

My cousins are coming to go to the Shakespearean Festival here, so I have to get busy and clean. Have a great Thursday.

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