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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Is'nt it just great to have old friends posting again,Bruce,DonnaG and Lillian,welcome home we missed you.Just relaxing after a really busy but fun week,Tuesday I brought my sister Dot and her husband Jim out to Airdrie to view Sally's new flat,also visited our local Indian restaurant for lunch.Wednesday Jennifer and Chris visited,we also went to the same Indian restaurant for dinner just prior to going to the Showcase Cinema Complex to see a new Scottish film called Sunshine in Leith,kinda like Scotlands answer to Mamma Mia,the music being the Proclaimers rather than Abbas.Chris was not enthused about coming along,with him being a heavy metal bass guitarist,he presumed it would be cheesy and naff,which of course it was,however it just happened to be brilliant too,even Chris loved it.I only knew two songs of the Proclaimers, A Letter from America and 500 miles,so it was a pleasure to hear the cast singing many more of their songs,I think the Scottish tourist board will have a big smile at this film,the street scenes and panoramas of Edinburgh were just so beautiful,I recommend this film to you.

At last the remaining pieces of furniture arrived on Wednesday afternoon,we all mucked in to make up the flat pack furniture Jennifer,Chris and myself,the flat is looking really nice,Sally will move in next Saturday,we hope in good spirits,I appreciate her apprehensions,it will be a big change in both of our lives,neither of us have had any experience of living alone,hope I can manage the washing machine?,cooking another adventure looming for me,I am a bit limited in this area,I certainly dont want to go for the easy option of pizzas and ready meals for the microwave.Healthy eating is my aim,I do cook a good salmon dish,chicken will be big on the menu,just to look at different recipes so I dont become bored with it,I will keep red meat to a minimum,which is hard since our Scottish produce is just so good.Jennifer is going to teach me new recipes,problem is she is a vegetarian,she use strange things like aubergines,hummis,olives,goats cheese and many other items some of which I have'nt even heard of,for goodness sake.Still I might enjoy the experience of trying out new foods.

Still on food,lunch with my gym buddies on Thursday and Friday,I am still trying lose weight,my social life keeps foiling my ambitions.Friday night I was at the Noreen Davies Hikers and Bikers Cheque Presentation Gala.It is a great occassion,as a result of the ladies sponsored walk around Millport in June,we beat our previous record of monies raised,this year our total was over £28,000 (approx $42,000).I was there as the official photographer,all the photos I took of the walk in June were on a continual loop throughout the evening on a large screen.The photos I took of the gala evening are to be sent into the local press.The co-ordinator of the event is Clair (the boss) was given a special award for her charity work by the Motherwell Council,it was a beautiful inscribed crystal bowl.Yours truly also got a special mention for being a five year survivor I was also presented with a bottle of wine and a cheque for £400 to pass on to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,I am keeping the wine of course LOL.

Time to go folks before I am timed out,enjuoy the rest of the weekend,bye.

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You are right Eric it is good seeing a few members posting.

I had not thought about the Proclaimers in years until you mentioned them in a post this week. I was down in my rec room a couple days ago and I have a 1974 original Rockola jukebox. I was looking at something and happend to notice that one of the 45's on it is the Proclaimers.

I got a chuckle when I read you and your gym buddies going out for lunch in the same sentence. LOL

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Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your reply,I try to justify my lunches with my gym buddies,which by the way always include a good pint of Scottish larger,the calories lost by our vigorous exercises do more than compensate for the calorific intake of our lunch LOL.

I would have loved to own one of these old juke boxes,by the way what was the Proclaimers record you found?.

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Eric – so happy to hear Sally’s furniture has finally arrived! It is wonderful that she has so much support. I always find change so hard (hate it really), but I’ve also found that generally it leads to good things that would never have come about otherwise.

Bruce – how cool to have a jukebox. When I think 500 miles I always think Peter, Paul & Mary (of course that was the 60s) – so I had to google the Proclaimers and of course I’d heard it and had to add it to my i-pod. Great music!

My cousins are still here and we’ve been having a great time going through all of our grandmother’s recipes, which is kind of funny because none of us really cook any longer and so far we eaten out every meal – but maybe this will inspire us. We were supposed to see Taming of the Shrew, but because of some scheduling deal we saw Steetcar Named Desire instead. That was great. Today is King Lear, and I’m not so sure about that – but the costumes are always good. They will be driving home tomorrow. I don’t have many relatives, so it’s been a lot of fun spending time with them.

Lilly – am glad your trip went so well. I know your weather must be like ours – isn’t it great!! I hope you are getting out and enjoying it. We may come to Redding over Thanksgiving – will you be around?

Hope the weekend is going great for everyone.

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Donna and Bruce, A big applause goes out for your terrific news. Sometimes when I get into my worry mode of making mountains out over molehills I remember back when I was dxed with LC and none of them other problems never seemed quite so important. Eric I wish you the very best with your diet, In my younger years I had a drink problem and a smoking problem that I struggled with for years but I have been fortunately blessed with genes that allow me to eat as much as I want and not gain weight. Bruce I think the old jukeboxes are awesome and bring back some wonderful memories of youth. Diane, I have always been a Beatle, Rolling Stones kind of music lover but secretly I was also a Peter Paul and Mary fan. I always thought they would be great to see in concert. Have a nice weekend everyone. Goodnight (click).

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Diane as you can see I am way behind reading here. Yes I will be here for Thanksgiving. Not going to Louisiana until the end of February. My grandson is getting married in March and I am waiting to be there then. Would stay here longer but I have an early morning dreaded breast exam. Time to grab a bite and run. Prayers for Ginny and wishing you all well. Will try to catch up soon.

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