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FREE LC Scans- Illlinois


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The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force says its recommendation will cut U.S. lung cancer deaths by 20,000 a year. The American Cancer Society adopted very similar recommendations in January of this year and the 2013 Community Needs Assessment identified cancer as a priority in addressing the health of the local community, according to an ACS press release.

In observance of November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month, UnityPoint Health-Methodist is offering a drastically discounted price for those who qualify for the diagnostic scan. Instead of the normal $175.00 fee, which is not covered by Medicare or private insurance, Methodist will be offering the scan free of charge during the month of November

“This is a fantastic move,” said Ryan Taylor, director of oncology and pharmacy services at Methodist in the press release. “Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer, but there hasn’t been a reliable, safe way to screen high-risk people until now. This will give many people the opportunity of taking the screening who might otherwise been unable to afford it.”

In order to qualify for the discounted November price, people should be:

• Aged between 55 and 80.

• Current smoker with a 30 pack-year history. A pack year is number of packs per day x years of smoking = pack years. Example: 1.5 packs/day x 30 years = 45 pack years.

• Former smoker who quit within the past 15 years with 30 pack-year history.

• Symptom free – no unexplained weight loss, no chest pain, no change in cough or sputum production.

• No history of lung cancer or lung surgery.

• No history of a lung CT within the past 18 months.

Those interested in the low-dose radiation CT scan should call 671-8296 to speak with a nurse about qualifying for screening and to make an appointment.

All positive findings will be conveyed to a primary care physician whom the person designates. If there is no designated primary care physician, Methodist can assist in connecting with a Methodist provider.

Read more: http://www.pekintimes.com/article/20131 ... z2iTjVfbe1

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