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Wednesday's Air


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Hi friends.

I wanted to pop in and give an update about GinnyD, a longtime LCSC member who lost her husband Earl to LC about 10 years ago. She's been a staple around her offering advice and support. She hasn't been around much lately- getting on with life and taking wonderful trips and golfing as often as she can.

It was a couple of days ago on the golf course that she had a stroke. Things are touch and go for her right now but I wanted to let you guys know and to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and best hopes for recovery.

It hits me close to home. My mom also had a very sudden stroke, which turned our lives as we knew it upside down. Nothing worked for her- her brain continued to bleed and swell and she died 8 days later. That's the worst case scenario that I hope doesn't happen here.

Not a great post to open the air with today but I am hoping all of you chime in with great news in your world.

What is the weather like? How are you getting ready for the colder weather? Anything you're looking forward to?


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thank you Katie for opening the Air today,I have been following the news on GinnyD in facebook.I am really sorry to hear of her condition,I do hope and pray she will recover from this stroke,which seems to be a particularly nasty one.I really miss her contributions to LCSC here,may she once more be a contributor again.

The weather here is a bit blustery and changable but glad to say really mild,I dont suppose that will last much longer.Our clocks will go back one hour a week on Saturday,so back to those long dark winter nights where it gets dark just after four pm until after 9am next day.I am really not much of a winter fan,always dreamed about jetting off to warmer climes eg the Canary Isles from Nov-April.I have a few friends who actually do this,they say it works out cheaper by missing out the heating bills in Scotland.Maybe next year?.

I am just about to set out to Motherwell Theatre for my front of house duties,I start at 4.30pm,they unfortunately dont tell you when you finish or even whats on,so its always a bit of a surprise when you arrive.A 4.30pm start is a bit of a puzzle?,its usually a 6.30pm start for a show starting at 7.30pm.I am on tomorrow also 11am to 9pm a break of unknown time between,its Coatbridge Colleges annual Graduation Ceremony,apparently they are spitting it into two separate sessions to give the staff a break,and me too LOL.

Looking forward to Friday ,yoga in the morning followed by lunch in Wotherspoons with my gym buddies, I have an award ceremony myself in the evening,its my outdoor bowling clubs annual award ceremony,this includes a dinner I am happy to say,my buddy who is secretary,phoned to tell me I will be presented with a trophy for being runner up in the mens singles championship,not bad for only just completed my second season,some of these guys have been playing for 30 plus years.

Big day on Saturday,Sally moves into her new flat,fingers crossed for a smooth transition,my daughter Jennifer and boyfriend Chris are assisting Sally with her things,they will also stay the day with her for company.I unfortunately am tied up on Saturday morning,I had some weeks ago agreed to be a steward on the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation's "Glasgow Spooky Welly Walk",its a childrens/parents sponsored walk through Glasgow,everyone will be dressed up in Halloween costumes (fortunately Stewards will not be,we will all be wearing hi-vis jackets.I am so looking forward to this event,it should be great fun,I will be taking my camera to cover the event.I may post the results in the Family album here.

Got to go,enjoy the rest of Wednesday everyone,bye.

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Good morning everyone

Thanks for the update Katie. I noticed a couple comments about Ginny on the board but wasn't aware of what happened. Hopefully things will work out OK and she will bounce back. Ginniny was certainly an avid golfer.

Eric you are a busy man. I can see why you retired from your job, you didn't have time to work.

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I am so sorry about Ginny's stroke. Katie, my mom had one like your mother did, and died 5 days later. Hopefully Ginny's is not so serious and she will be able to recover.

Our beautiful weather continues for now. I hadn't given any thought to our clocks going back - but they should be any time now. Eric, I agree with you and hate having it get dark so early etc. I should be out shopping for Halloween - just a week away now. But I will probably manage to put it off til the day before as usual. I don't like bringing the candy into the house any sooner than necessary --- might not be any left for Halloween :)

Happy hump day everyone.

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